List of Mega Man Battle Network characters

The following is a list characters from both the Mega Man Battle Network series of video games, and the MegaMan NT Warrior (Rockman EXE) anime and manga.

Note that when there is a discrepancy between the English and Japanese names, the English name will be listed first, followed by the Japanese.


Lan Hikari

Lan Hikari, known in Japan as Netto Hikari (光熱斗 Hikari Netto?), is a fifth-grade student with a strong bond with his NetNavi, MegaMan. He is the son of Yuichiro Hikari and Haruka Hikari, and the grandson of Tadashi Hikari. He had a twin brother, Hub Hikari, who died when they were young, and it is later revealed that MegaMan is actually Hub reincarnated as data. MegaMan has a .1% modified difference in his DNA to avoid a connection between the two, but it is eventually erased, which causes them to become synchronized. He is voiced by Alex Doduk and Brad Swaile[1] in the English version of the anime and Kumiko Higa in the Japanese version of the anime.

Lan is a typical carefree, happy-go-lucky youth in search of adventure and fun. However, he is quick at noticing the smallest details thus enabling him to think calmly during a sticky situation. Lan is also known as to be dense when things aren't Net related. He frequently NetBattles, and places the prospect of completing menial tasks like homework behind him. Despite his seemingly carefree attitude, Lan is always prompt to do the right thing, either for the world, or simply for a friend. He is talented on inline skates in every version of the franchise, loves curry in the anime and manga, and commonly decorates his room with soccer-themes. Lan can be quite rash at times, but his actions sometimes have a positive effect.

In the anime, Lan eventually becomes a NetSaver (Net Savior), aiding the Net Police in stopping crimes. This responsibility leads Lan on many missions involving the Darkloids and the Dark Chips in Axess, and his duties are expanded in Stream, as he becomes one of the Cross Fusion members opposing Duo.

Both the names Lan and Netto are references to networks, whilst the name Hikari, which is Japanese for 'light', is a reference to the main series' Dr. Light.


MegaMan.EXE (ロックマン.EXE Rokkuman.Eguze?, Rockman.EXE in the original) is the main NetNavi protagonist of the series. He is very close to his operator, Lan, and it is later revealed that he is actually Hub Hikari (Saito Hikari (光彩斗 Hikari Saito?) in the original), Lan's twin brother reincarnated as data. Hub died during early infancy from a rare heart disease, but their father, Yuichiro, managed to use Hub's DNA in his project to create the perfect NetNavi. Completely syncing DNA would cause them to connect and feel each other's pain, so MegaMan's eye color is different, though the difference is later removed in order to save MegaMan's life. He later spends much of his time in the real world by using a "CopyBot" as a body. In the anime, it is not revealed that he is not Lan's twin but his close friend. He is voiced by Andrew Francis[1] in the English version, and Akiko Kimura in the Japanese version of the anime.

MegaMan is sometimes accused of being uptight by Lan because of his constant lecturing. He is usually optimistic even in the worst of times, and extremely determined. He is also usually very polite with other characters, where even in a bad situation unrelated to him he'll feel the need to apologize and make peace with others. Outside of that, however, he often cracks jokes about "not being around" for Lan to wake him up or help with his homework. MegaMan's basic weapon is his Megabuster, and he can use various chips to enhance its abilities. He also has the special ability to "Style Change", which allows him to use different elements and abilities specific to the corresponding transformation, and later replaces it with "Soul Unison", which allows him to use the abilities of a friendly Navi. After being tainted by dark energy, he gains "Chaos Unison." After absorbing one of the Cybeasts, he gains the ability to take on their attributes. Falzar gives Megaman the ability to fly and a special "Talon Buster", while Gregar gives him stronger armor and the "Vulcan Buster."

Mayl Sakurai

Mayl Sakurai (桜井メイル Sakurai Meiru?) is a classmate and friend of Lan, and the operator of Roll.EXE (ロール Rōru?). The two are next-door neighbors, and are often perceived to be a couple, though in all incarnations, Lan is clueless towards Mayl's affections. During the epilogue following the sixth game in the series, it is revealed that Lan and Mayl are married and have a child together named "Patch" ("Raito"). The two have always been very close growing up. Mayl, being the more mature and intelligent of the two, is often having to beat some sense into Lan when he gets himself into trouble. The two do occasionally have oppositions, but the bickering only brings them closer. Mayl sometimes shows that she may have romantic feelings towards her lifetime friend. Roll and Megaman's relation strongly parallels that of Lan and Mayl's, though Roll is much more blatant with her affection towards Megaman. She was renamed Maylu Sakurai in the English anime and manga. It is revealed in the 5th game, when the character observes Mayl's house in a Visionburst 11 years in the past, that Mayl's father is Netopian making her at least half Netopian. Maylu's is voiced by Brittney Wilson[1] in the English anime.

Roll is the main female NetNavi of the series. In the Battle Network series Roll is a supporting character to the lead character MegaMan. Roll does not fight often but talks to MegaMan offering many pointers and helpful suggestions. Roll is very helpful to MegaMan whenever he needs her assistance. She is voiced by Lenore Zann[1] in the English anime. Mayl's name is a pun on the wasei-eigo word, 'mail'.

Dex Oyama

Dex Oyama, known as Dekao Oyama (大山デカオ Ōyama Dekao?), in Japan is a classmate and friend of Lan, and the operator of GutsMan.EXE (ガッツマン Gattsuman?). He is often portrayed as a bully with a soft spot. Dex has a younger brother named Chisao, who is seen infrequently in Battle Network, and a recurring character in the anime. In later anime episodes, Dex gives up NetBattling in order to focus on his new career as a curry chef. Renamed Dex Ogreon in the English anime and manga. Dex is voiced by Tony Sampson[1] in the English anime.

GutsMan is a large and strong Navi who believes that he and his operator are the greatest NetBattlers in the world. GutsMan is also shown to have a huge crush on Roll in the anime, mirroring Dex's feelings for Maylu. He is voiced by Scott McNeil.[1]

Yai Ayanokoji

Yai Ayanokoji, known as Yaito Ayanokouji (綾小路やいと Ayanokouji Yaito?) in Japan, is a rich classmate and friend of Lan's, and the operator of Glyde.EXE (グライド Guraido?), which from MegaMan Battle Network 2 onward, is misspelled as "Glide". She is considerably younger than the other main characters, as she skipped a few grades due to her intelligence, and (in the anime) operates out of her father's company, AyanoTech (Gabcom), the original name of which is a play on the name of Capcom, the original creators of most of the MegaMan / Rockman series. In the anime (and sometimes the games), she is known for her large forehead, her gigantic blonde braids, as well as her love of strawberry milk, and secretly adores Chaud. The English anime and manga shorten her last name to "Ayano."

Glyde is a cyber-butler armed with rare and powerful chips to help defend himself. He is based on Glyde of the Mega Man Legends series. Glide is voiced by Ted Cole.[1]

Eugene Chaud

Eugene Chaud, known as Enzan Ijuin (伊集院 炎山 Ijūin Enzan?) in Japan, is the son of IPC's (BlazeQuest in the English anime) president (Shuuseki Ijuin), and the operator and creator of ProtoMan.EXE, known in Japan as Blues.EXE (ブルース.EXE Burūsu.Eguze?). His mother died while he was still young, and Chaud was forced into becoming the vice-president of his father's corporation, a position which contributed to his initial cold attitude towards Lan Hikari. As the series progresses, he gains more respect for Lan, and also begins to open up to others, smiling more often. He does not, however, lose his serious outlook during battle, nor does he act impulsively before thinking. Chaud is voiced by Bill Switzer and then by Scott Perrie.[1]

In the games, Chaud is an Official NetBattler, who meets Lan while investigating a water shortage caused by WWW. He was introduced as a ruthless operator who took his job seriously and would delete any Navi who got in the way, and originally saw Lan as a pest, but they slowly became friends. Though only a couple years older than Lan, Chaud has progressed much more quickly through his education, and by the sixth (and final) game, he is already a college student. The ending of the sixth game reveals that he grows up to become a Worldwide leader of International Officials (IPC's president in the Japanese version). This incarnation of Chaud wears ProtoMan's Navi mark on the back of his vest for the first three games, unlike the anime and manga.

In the anime, Chaud retains his personality from the game, though his respectful side develops much quicker than in the aforementioned medium. He is the victor of the first series' N1 Grand Prix, defeating his opponents in mere seconds. In Axess, he becomes a Net Saver (Net Savior) and gains the ability to perform Cross Fusion with ProtoMan, but falls into depression after giving a Dark Chip to ProtoMan in order to defeat the Darkloid leader, ShadeMan. Because the process ultimately transforms his Navi into Dark ProtoMan (Dark Blues), Chaud feels responsible for his friend's suffering, and sets out to rectify his mistake. Chaud continues to make regular appearances in Stream, Beast, and Beast+.

Chaud's Japanese name (Enzan) translates to "flame mountain". This reference was translated in his English name through "Chaud," a French word meaning "hot". The anime followed suit by naming the character Chaud Blaze. Furthermore, being a French word, "Chaud" is supposed to be pronounced with a silent "D," but it is incorrectly pronounced. In the English games, Chaud is the character's family name, though he is only referred to as Eugene during his introduction of himself is the first game. The anime changes Chaud to being his given name.

ProtoMan.EXE is based on Proto Man of the original Mega Man series, while also borrowing key traits from Zero of the Mega Man X series. In the anime, he is voiced by David Kaye[1] in the English version, and Masaya Matsukaze in the original version of the series.


WWW (World Three)

Formed by Lord Wily to take over the real world and cyberworld, the WWW is an organization that makes recurring appearances throughout the series, constantly met with defiance from Lan Hikari (Netto Hikari) and MegaMan (Rockman). Initially trying to conquer the internet by constructing the Life Virus (Dream Virus), Wily was forced to disband WWW's members and go into hiding after Lan and MegaMan foiled his plans. A former WWW member, the Professor, would resurrect the Life Virus as Life Virus R, while his servants spread the Zero Virus. Wily and WWW eventually resurfaced, aiming to steal the Tetra Codes, which would allow them to gain access to the SciLab network and claim the Alpha (Proto) network program, which had gone haywire years prior, causing devices connected to it to malfunction. Attempting to synchronize with Alpha once it was finally obtained, Wily was absorbed into its body along with Bass, though his consciousness was retrieved following the incident. The WWW was revived one final time at the series' end, with Wily's goal being destruction of both worlds with the aid of giant Copybot (Copyroid) versions of the Cybeasts (Cyber Beasts), Gregar (Greiga) and Falzar (Falzer). In the anime, WWW serves a similar purpose to its game counterpart, breeding terror and chaos throughout society via the net whilst searching for the "Ultimate NetNavi," later revealed to be PharaohMan. Unlike the events of the game, the original WWW members, and even Wily himself, align themselves with the protagonists instead of starting anew in the end. In Stream, however, WWW is revived by Tesla Gauss (Tesla Magnets) as Neo WWW. The original and newer groups often come into conflict with one another due to tensions over which is more powerful. Dark MegaMan (Dark Rockman) and his Darkloid servants would take over after Neo WWW's last scheme, with the memories of its lower-ranking members erased.

Lord Wily

Lord Wily can be seen as the primary antagonist of the Battle Network franchise. He himself appears as the main villain of Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Battle Network 3 and Mega Man Battle Network 6. He manipulates Sean Obihiro into leading the NetMafia Gospel in Mega Man Battle Network 2, and his son Dr. Regal is the main villain of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and Mega Man Battle Network 5.

Mega Man Battle Network incarnation

  • Mr. Match (火野ケンイチ Hino Ken'ichi) - He is an agent of the WWW, and the operator of FireMan, HeatMan, and FlameMan. Mr. Match is one of the most recurring characters in the series, appearing in every game except Mega Man Battle Network 5 and alternating between villainous and neutral roles numerous times. In the anime, HeatMan was created by Mr. Famous from FireMan's data when FireMan was facing deletion at the hands of FreezeMan, and FireMan's was re-created from HeatMan when he was facing deletion at the hands of PlantMan. In English anime he has a Scottish accent.
  • Mr. Higsby (known as Yamitarō Higure (日暮 闇太郎 Higure Yamitarō?) in the Japanese version) - He is a collector of rare Battle Chips who owns his own chip shop, "Higsby's" (Higure-ya (日暮屋?)). His NetNavi, NumberMan.EXE (ナンバーマン Nanbāman), operates a similar chip shop from the cyberworld in the anime. Originally, Higsby locks down Lan's school as part of a WWW operation in the games, or as a way to steal rare chips from Yai in the anime, but Lan manages to show Higsby the error of his ways. Higsby generally remains a background character from then on, but plays a more active role in Battle Network 4: Blue Moon, where his shop is in danger of foreclosure, and in Battle Network 5: Team Colonel as a member of the eponymous team. In the anime, Higsby has a crush on Ms. Mari, and sees Maysa and Commander Beef as rivals for her affection; this fact is also briefly mentioned in Battle Network 5.
  • Ms. Madd (known as Madoi Iroaya (色綾 まどい Iroaya Madoi?) in the Japanese version, Maddy in the English anime) - She is a WWW agent, and the operator of WakoMan. She was the mastermind behind an incident where the traffic signals in the city were altered as to cause accidents. In the anime, she has a brief stint with Gospel, but found friendship with her fellow WWW operators.
  • Count Jack Zap (known as Jack Electel (ジャック・エレキテル Jakku Erekiteru?), a.k.a. Count Elec (エレキ伯爵 Elekki Hakushaku?) in the Japanese version) - He is an agent of WWW, and the operator of ElecMan. In the anime, he is the brother of Magnus Gauss, and fosters a rivalry with his brother due to their mother's preference of one over the other, and also randomly inserts Engrish phrases into his speech in the Japanese version. In Beast+, he is confronted by Ann Zap, his wife, on the subject of inheriting the assets of his estate.
  • Yahoot (Mahajarma (マハ・ジャラマ Maha Jarama?) in the Japanese version) - He is a WWW agent, the operator of MagicMan, and, in the anime, the owner of the curry shop, Maha Ichiban. His fate is revealed in Battle Chip Challenge, where he has quit his life of crime to help support his village in the nation of Edina. that In the anime, he is considered to be the world's foremost authority on curry, and uses the profits from his curry shop (which Lan frequents) to fund the WWW's operations. Later on, he trains Dex to be a curry chef.

Mega Man Battle Network 3 incarnation

  • Takeo Inukai (犬飼猛雄 Inukai Takeo) - He is a member of the WWW in the games, and Neo WWW in the anime. He is the operator of BeastMan. In Battle Network 3, he was once a zookeeper who had freed all of the animals in order to scare people. In Stream, Inukai was a former animal trainer that was fired due to his harsh treatment of animals and used BeastMan to control them as vengeance. He also has a pet lion named Manosuke.
  • Noboru Sunayama (砂山ノボル Sunayama Noboru) - He is a member of the WWW in the games, and Neo WWW in the anime. He is the operator of DesertMan. Sunayama was a television producer who, in Battle Network 3, created the N1 Grand Prix as a plot to frame Chaud and ProtoMan. In the anime, he worked for DNN and stole Wily memorabilia for Tesla.
  • Rei Saiko (西古レイ Saiko Rei, Ray Saiko in the English version of Battle Chip Challenge) - He is a WWW operator in the games, and a member of Neo WWW in the anime. He is the operator of FlashMan. He is the least acknowledged of the Neo WWW and, other than his introductory episode, where he operated a Navi-driven race car, all of his plots involve assistance to other members of the Neo WWW.
  • Anetta (アネッタ Anetta) - She is the operator of PlantMan in the games, and Silk in the anime. In the games, she is a WWW agent, and is brainwashed by Wily into believing that the cyberworld is destroying nature. In the anime, she had been plagued by illness for most of her life, with Silk acting as her nurse. Silk was deleted trying to save her from a burning hospital, but Anetta fostered a grudge towards Chaud due to her misconception of the situation. After discovering the truth, she becomes Yai's rival for Chaud's affections.

Mega Man Battle Network 6 incarnation

  • Joe Mach (Gō Mahha (麻波 剛 Mahha Gō?) in the Japanese version) - He is Lan's teacher at Cyber Academy, but is later revealed to be BlastMan's operator as well as a WWW agent. He joined the organization because Wily once saved his daughter's life, but betrays WWW to save Lan.
  • Blackbeard (Captain Kurohige (キャプテン・クロヒゲ Kyaputan Kurohige?) in the Japanese version) - He is the operator of DiveMan. He is a member of the WWW in Battle Network 6, and works for Wily of Beyondard in Beast. He and Yuika find themselves stranded in the world opposite of their own in Beast+, forming an alliance with BubbleMan to commit crimes.
  • Yuika (Chirol (チロル Chiroru?) in the Japanese version) - She is the operator of CircusMan. She is a member of the WWW in Battle Network 6, and works for Wily of Beyondard in Beast. She and Blackbeard find themselves stranded in the world opposite of their own in Beast+, forming an alliance with BubbleMan to commit crimes.
  • Vic (Tsuyuharu Nyūdo (入道 露晴 Nyūdo Tsuyuharu?) in the Japanese version) - He is the operator of ElementMan. He is a member of the WWW in Battle Network 6, and is a troubled weather forecaster who is fired from his job in the anime. BubbleMan loans him a Miniroid, and he has ElementMan hack the Marine Land pool system to get revenge on Lan and co. when they unknowingly make fun of him.
  • Prosecutor Ito (Satoru Roppō (六方悟 Roppō Satoru?) in the Japanese version) - He is the operator of JudgeMan. He is a member of the WWW in Battle Network 6, and wishes to eliminate NetCrime in the anime by unilaterally convicting Navis before they are taken into custody.

NetMafia Gospel (Grave)

Gospel (ゴスペル Gosuperu?) refers to a NetMafia organization led by the mysterious Boss Gospel (ゴスペル首領 Gosperu Shuryō?) and the wolf-like monstrosity that is unleashed by the organization. In the games, the creature known as Gospel was created from a collection of bugs in various programs, while in the anime, Gospel and Bass were created from the remnants of PharaohMan. Shuryou Gospel is renamed Kid Grave, and the organization and creature are both renamed Grave and Grave Virus Beast respectively in the English anime. Gospel and the Cybeast Gregar are similar in appearance because of the way they were born; from a fusion of bugs.

Sean Obihiro

Sean Obihiro, known as Shun Obihiro (帯広 シュン Obihiro Shun?) is the true identity of Shuryou Gospel. As a child, Sean's parents were killed in an airplane crash. Ostracized by his peers, he decided to strike back at society by forming Gospel. Unbeknownst to him, he was manipulated by Wily the entire time. Sean would eventually change his ways when Lan offers him a hand in friendship. In Battle Chip Challenge, it was revealed that FreezeMan was his original NetNavi. In the manga, he works undercover as Kei Yuki, an extremely bright professor from Ameroupe.

Members of Gospel (Grave)

  • Magnus Gauss (Gauss Magnets (ガウス・マグネッツ Gaussu Magunettsu?)) - He is the original operator of MagnetMan, and the brother to Count Zap in the anime. He is rich, and second-in-command of Gospel. In the games, he met his end at the hands of Lan while attempting to hijack an airplane. In the anime, he is a cross-dresser with "Wily-mania," and was defeated by WWW. In Stream, he acts as Neo WWW's janitor for a short period of time before playing matchmaker for his daughter and Charlie Airstar.
  • Arashi Kazefuki (風吹 アラシ Kazefuki Arashi?) - He was a small company president until larger companies shut him down. He is the operator of AirMan. In Battle Network 2 and the anime, he has AirMan hack into Yai's air conditioning system to infect it with gas. In the game, he is supposedly killed by a bomb hidden in a suitcase as punishment for his failure.
  • Speedy Dave (Daisuke Hayami (速見 ダイスケ Hayami Daisuke?) in the Japanese version) - He is a park official in the game, and is Sal's childhood friend in the anime. He is the operator of QuickMan. He dislikes littering and the destruction of nature, thus he sided with Gospel to destroy the dam in the anime.
  • Mr. Dark (Dark Miyabi (ダーク・ミヤビ Dāku Miyabi?) in the Japanese version) - He is a mysterious mercenary-for-hire who sides with Gospel in the second game and Team Colonel in the fifth (under the alias of Dusk in the English versions), and the operator of ShadowMan. In the anime, only his Navi appeared in the second season of EXE, while he made his appearance in Stream. In both cases, he and ShadowMan were out to eliminate MegaMan until Dr. Wily convinced him to put aside his work and join Lan. In the anime, he becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo.
  • Princess Pride (プリンセス・プライド Purinsesu Puraido?) - She is the princess of Creamland; Brightland in the English anime, and the operator of KnightMan. In the games, she was a member of Gospel who turned good and joined Team Colonel. In the anime, she befriended Lan while disguised as a boy, and resurfaces in Stream as one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo.


DarkChip Syndicate Nebula is the antagonist group of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and Mega Man Battle Network 5. It is unique in that, aside from Dr. Regal himself, no human operators are shown to be involved with the group.

Dr. Regal

Dr. Regal (Dr.リーガル Dokutā Rīgaru?) is the human mastermind behind Nebula, and the operator of LaserMan. He is Dr. Wily's son and comes from the small, authoritarian country known as Nation Z.

He is introduced in Battle Network 4, as one of the scientists working together to prevent Duo's asteroid from striking the planet. However, near the end of the game, he reveals that he is behind the spread of "Dark Chips." He sends LaserMan into the asteroid, but MegaMan pursues the Navi. LaserMan is deleted in the resulting battle, and MegaMan manages to avert the crisis. Dr. Regal leaps from the top of the NAXA building to avoid arrest, and is presumed dead.

In Battle Network 5, he kidnaps Dr. Hikari and uses Nebula to take over the entirety of Cyberworld. As Team ProtoMan or Team Colonel slowly take back the internet, Regal prepares the SoulNet. Using SoulNet, which connects human emotions, and Nebula Grey, a monstrous program that is the embodiment of evil, he plans to forever corrupt the population. However, he is thwarted by MegaMan, who destroys Nebula Grey and the DarkChips. After the battle, Regal has a decade of his memory erased; the Team Colonel version of the game reveals that it was Dr. Wily that caused this amnesia. He is seen working at SciLab at the end of the game.

In the anime, Dr. Regal is the top energy scientist of Kingland. In the past, he was rescued from a plane crash by Duo, who selected him as a probe to monitor life on Earth, and adopted by Wily.[2] In Axess, he visits Dr. Hikari to look over a commandeered Dimensional Converter used by the Darkloids to substantiate in the real world, but is eventually recognized as the leader of Nebula. He, along with Ms. Yuri, collaborate with the autonomous Navis known as Darkloids to wreak havok on Cyberworld. When ShadeMan, leader of the Darkloids, becomes suspicious of the humans, he is assaulted by LaserMan and is forced to flee. Using Regal Tower, he creates a worldwide Dimensional Area. After deleting ShadeMan once and for all, the now-Cross Fused Dr. Regal moves to destroy SciLab.[3] He is thwarted by Lan and MegaMan, who use "Full Synchro" to badly damage him.

In Rockman EXE: Program of Light and Dark, it is revealed that he has become badly fragmented data. He fuses with Nebula Grey (a program created by Dr. Wily) and attempts to use the "Spectrum" phenomenon to gain access to, and eventually destroy, the real world. After being defeated by MegaMan and Bass, he reappears in Stream, using the Crests of Duo to obtain great power. However, he is destroyed once and for all by Duo himself.

Dr. Regal first appears in volume 10 of the Mega Man NT Warrior manga as the weapon development director for the country, Netopia. Later on it is discovered that Dr. Regal is behind the Darkloids in the Netopia Net Army and that he wants MegaMan's ability to merge with Bass, so that Nebula Grey can become even more powerful. However, using Beast Out, MegaMan destroys Nebula Grey. Bass then destroys Dr. Regal's submarine, killing him.


Duo (デューオ Dyūo?) is a mysterious being from outer space. In the games, Duo is the operation system for a rocket poised to destroy the planet. In the anime, he is a god-like entity, created by an alien race, that seeks to cleanse the universe of all evil. Fifteen years prior to Stream, Duo visits Earth and rescues Dr. Regal and Ms. Yuri from a plane crash, turning them into probes. He returns after having seen the violence brought on by Regal, but decides to spare humankind if it proves its worth. He is voiced by Kenji Nomura.

Duo possesses a variety of extremely potent abilities, many of them manifesting themselves in the form of space-age weaponry. His fists can detach and fire through rocket propulsion to strike his enemies. His chest cavity houses explosive artillery, which is launched in either a direct or homing fashion, as either mines or missiles. This cavity may also compress in on itself to release a powerful focused laser beam that fans out at certain points along the spectrum. His most devastating technique is Anger Impact, where he releases a wave of energy that resembles his face. In the anime, Duo also possesses the ability to separate Navis and operators from Cross Fusion with a mere thought, allowing them to take on physical bodies while in his asteroid.


Cybeast Gregar

Cybeast Gregar known as Cyber Beast Glaga (電脳獣グレイガ Dennōjū Gureiga?) in Japan, is a legendary wolf-like sentient program created from accumulated bugs, much like the Gospel Megavirus. In the anime, he is the leader of the Gregar Army.

Cybeast Falzar

Cybeast Falzar known as Cyber Beast Falzer (電脳獣ファルザ Dennōjū Faruzā?) in Japan, is a legendary falcon-like sentient program created by Dr. Cain, Mayor Cain's Grandfather, to combat Gregar; the program would go awry, eventually becoming as much of a threat to Cyberworld as its original enemy. In the anime, he is the leader of the Falzar Army.


Bass, known as Forte (フォルテ Forute?) in Japan, was intended to be the first fully autonomous NetNavi, fully independent of an operator, and extremely powerful. Bass was falsely blamed for causing massive problems in the original internet, and was nearly killed by the SciLab Elite Corps. Dr. Cossack, the only human he trusted and his creator, ended up betraying him as well. Because of this, Bass has hated humankind ever since.

In Battle Network 2, Sean Obihiro of Gospel attempted to make a clone army of Bass copies, eventually leading to the accidental creation of the Gospel Megavirus. During the game's ending, Bass is shown deleting one such clone and swearing revenge upon mankind. Bass returns to fulfill his promise in Battle Network 3, where he assists Wily in using Alpha to destroy network society; however, Bass is swallowed up by Alpha along with Wily himself. He is then approached by the remains of the Gospel Megavirus, which saves him and fuses with him. He is later confronted by MegaMan in the secret area, and narrowly defeated. It is revealed that he suffers from amnesia, but Megaman is successful to remind him of his creator, Cossak. Thrown into confusion, Bass leaves.

In Battle Network 4, Bass is found deep in the Undernet hibernating as a statue, and reawakens upon meeting Megaman. Once again defeated, he retreats and vows to become stronger. In Battle Network 5, a post-game boss created by dark power takes on his likeness, but his true self can also be fought. Whenever defeated, he leaves of his own volition; this trend continues until Battle Network 6. There, Bass is confronted in his gravestone in the Undernet and numerous times afterwards. The final confrontation with Bass is his most powerful, when he has absorbed a cybeast's power into his body. When defeated, he drifts away into the net and is available as a random encounter in the Graveyard area.

In the anime, Bass was created from Pharoahman's data by Wily.

Other characters


Dr. Yuichiro Hikari

Yuchiro Hikari (光祐一朗 Hikari Yūichirō?) is Lan's father, and the creator of MegaMan. He followed in his father's footsteps, working as a scientist and a renowned authority on anything having to do with the net. As such, he is often away, working on his latest project at SciLab. In Axess, his focus moves onto merging operator and NetNavi in a process known as Cross Fusion, which later inspired the "Double Soul" ("Soul Unison") concept in the games.

Yuichiro's father, Dr. Tadashi Hikari, is considered to be the founder of the computer networking system within the Battle Network series (akin to Dr. Thomas Light's involvement in robotics in the classic series). As such, Yuichiro is looked upon as an expert in the subject of networking. Although he is not seen with a NetNavi of his own, he is the creator of numerous NetNavis, including MegaMan.EXE. In the games, in an attempt to save his dying son, Hub, he creates MegaMan by placing the boy's DNA into a Navi program.

In the anime, Yuichiro is often the scientist responsible for new designs and additions to already existing PET models, and his research into the nature of Dimensional Areas leads to the creation of the "Synchro Chip" permitting Cross Fusion, a unique ability that allows an operator to merge with his/her NetNavi.

Haruka Hikari

Haruka Hikari (光はる香 Hikari Haruka?) is Lan's caring mother, who works at home and prepares extravagant meals for her husband and son. In the anime, she is portrayed as somewhat naïve, though she always wishes the best for her loved ones. In the 5th game, Haruka ends up inviting Mayl over in order to teach her cooking, while Mayl returns the favor and teaches her to netbattle.

Mr. Famous

Mr. Famous (Meijin Eguchi (江口名人 Eguchi-meijin?) in the Japanese version) is a scientist working with Yuichiro. In the games, he is the creator of several powerful Navis, including GateMan, KendoMan, GridMan (Footman), and Punk, although he does not have one in the anime. In every game he has appeared in, each of his Navis were created by fans of the series in a Capcom-sponsored contest (with the exception of Punk). A running gag in the anime involves Famous repeatedly trying to convince Lan to not use "Mr." ('san' in the Japanese version) when addressing him. With each passing series, the number on Famous' shirt increases by one. It started at 15 and ended at 19, meant to represent the Mega Man / Rockman franchise's age. In real life, Masakazu Eguchi is the name of the scenario writer for the games, and he often cosplays as Meijin at official Japanese events.


Baryl (Barrel, バレル Bareru) is the operator of Colonel, and an official NetBattler from Netopia who seeks Lan and MegaMan to form Team Colonel. In the anime, Baryl lived twenty years before the start of Stream (and would die at the beginning of the series), leaving Colonel a solo Navi. With technology known as the Past Tunnel, he is able to communicate with the characters of the present time, and subsequently travel between timeframes. In the show he is an old friend of Dr. Wily, while in the games is the doctor's adopted son.


Colonel (カーネル Kāneru?) is operated by Baryl, Colonel is the head of an elite team of Navis who freed the net from Nebula's influence. He is a cold, ruthless Navi; it is later revealed late in the sixth game that his emotion data was separated from him and used to create a new Navi, Iris,who is in love with Lan.

Other Recurring Characters

  • Ms. Mari, known in the Japanese versions as Mariko Ōzono (大園 まり子 Ōzono Mariko?) - She is the teacher of class 5-A at the ACDC/DenTech school (Densan), of which Lan, Mayl, Dex and Yai are students. She serves as the adult chaperon to many of Lan's activities. She does not have a NetNavi in the anime, and uses a generic one in the games.
  • Sal (Saloma (サロマ Saroma?)) - She is the owner of a boxed lunch stand and an environmentalist; she is also the operator of WoodMan. In the anime, she is a gardener who takes on the identity Black Rose (黒バラ仮面 Kurobara Kamen?) as a Net Agent; unlike Maysa/Commander Beef, Sal uses WoodMan with and without her disguise, leaving little doubt about her secret identity.
  • Miyu Kuroi (黒井みゆき Kuroi Miyuki) - She is a fortune teller, and the operator of SkullMan. She is an antique shop proprietor, and also a Net Agent in the anime, taking on the identity of Mysteriyu (Miyumiyu (みゆみゆ?) in the original version).
  • Ribitta (Kero Midorikawa (緑川ケロ Midorikawa Kero?)) - She is a television personality at DNN, and is often seen as a reporter or a television host. She is the operator of ToadMan. She was a fairly minor character in the games until Battle Network 5, when she joined with Team Colonel while trying to get an interview with the team. In the anime, she along with Higsby, are the commentators for the N1 Grand Prix.
  • Raoul (ラウル Rauru?) - He is the operator of ThunderMan. In the anime, he is the leader of a gang called "Team Thunder" that opposes a corrupt Netopian mayor. In the anime, he and Chaud often dress up in disco outfits while on missions together.
  • Tamako Shiraizumi (白泉 たま子 Shiraizumi Tamako?) - She is the owner of a souvenir stall in front of Yoka Hot Springs, and the operator of MetalMan. In the anime, she has a passion for NetBattling, and offers her customers the opportunity to take home her merchandise without paying if they are able to defeat her.
  • Chisao Oyama (大山 チサオ Ōyama Chisao?) - He is Dex's younger brother, and originally lived in Netopia (Ameroupe). He is too young to operate his own NetNavi, although he is a NetBattling prodigy (pulling off a Program Advance with GutsMan in the anime when Dex himself could not). He is firm in his belief that his brother is the world's best NetBattler and GutsMan the world's best NetNavi. Renamed Chisao Ogreon in the English anime and manga.
  • Shuko Kido (城戸舟子 Kido Shūko?) - She is the operator of AquaMan (SpoutMan in all English media except Mega Man Battle Network 4) who, in the anime, believes that she is the unluckiest girl in the world because of bad things that always seem to happen coincidentally around her. In Battle Network 4: Blue Moon, she is one of Lan's opponents, while in Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar, she works as both a teacher and an employee of the Seaside Aquarium. In the anime, After Higsby installs a sense of confidence in her, she begins to idolize him and work at his chip shop. Shuko has two twin brothers, Atsu and Ty (Atsuho and Taichi).
  • Raika (Laika (ライカ Raika?) - He is a NetSaver from Sharo, and the operator of SearchMan. He was trained to be an elite soldier, and sees NetBattling as war. In Battle Network 4, he is one of Lan's tournament opponents in the "Red Sun" version. In Battle Network 5, he is a member of Team ProtoMan. In Axess, he often relies on cunning and instinct to solve his battles against Nebula and the Darkloids, and looks down on Cross Fusion. Initially, this puts him at odds with Lan, who he believes is inferior because he has the tendency to do things without thinking, but finds that they are surprisingly effective together. In Stream, he becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo.
  • Dingo (ディンゴ?) - Dingo is a Netopian who takes a quick liking to Lan, and the operator of TomahawkMan. In the games, he was originally on board the Queen Bohemia luxury liner where a booster system, whose development was responsible for many deaths in his hometown, was being sold. His attempt to hijack the system and steal the booster system was foiled by Colonel, who convinces him to join Team Colonel. In the anime, he works at Maha Ichiban as a delivery boy, and becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo.
  • Solar Boy Django (太陽少年ジャンゴ Taiyō Shōnen Jango?) - Django is the protagonist of Konami's Boktai video game series. In the Battle Network universe, he is depicted as a fictional vampire hunter. In Battle Network 4, Django appears in Cyberworld and, with help from Lan and MegaMan, uses the PileDriver to destroy ShadeMan. In the Japanese version of Battle Network 6, MegaMan and Django team up to battle The Count of Groundsoaking Blood. Django's signature weapon is the Gun Del Sol, which is available to MegaMan as a series of BattleChips.


  • Ms. Yuri (Yuriko Ōzono (大園 ゆり子 Ōzono Yuriko?)) is the twin sister of Ms. Mari. In the games, she was a former WWW agent who had turned good and since taught summer school. In the anime, she is the second-in-command of Nebula, and the operator of NeedleMan. She was separated from her twin sister fifteen years before the start of the series, and raised by Dr. Wily. At the end of Axess, she was faced with the choice of killing her own sister or betraying Nebula. In the end, she cuts ties with Nebula, and in Stream, becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo.
  • Masa (マサ) is the owner of a fish stand, and the operator of SharkMan. In the anime, he has a secret identity as Commander Beef (ビーフ司令 Bīfu Shirei), one of the Net Agents, and only uses SharkMan while costumed. By day, he often lectures the kids on the various merits of fish and calcium, and claims that he does not have a NetNavi. Masa has a crush on Ms. Mari, but Ms. Mari has fallen for Commander Beef. In Beyondard, Masa is the leader of the human resistance, operating under the name Masked Captain (覆面隊長 Fukumen Taichō?).
  • Dr. Froid (Seiji Hikawa (氷川清次 Hikawa Seiji?)) - An employee at the Waterworks. The WWW kidnap his son, Tory, and blackmails him into freezing DenCity's water supply. In the anime, Froid's and his son's roles are reversed, with Froid being kidnapped and Tory being forced to obey the WWW.
  • Tora (Torakichi Aragoma (荒駒 虎吉 Aragoma Torakichi?) in the Japanese version) - A skilled chess NetBattler, who is the operator of KingMan. In the anime, he beats the world's largest computer in a match with his father, Saikichi's, famous technique known as "Fūrinkazan". He challenges Lan to a chess NetBattle, with their Navis on the line.
  • Tensuke Takumi (匠 転助 Takumi Tensuke?) - An elderly man obsessed with tops who is the operator of TopMan. He searches for methods of impressing his grandson with his Navi. In the anime, he participates in NetBattles for the same reason.
  • Kousuke - Tensuke's grandson who loves NetBattling, but finds tops "boring and antique." In the anime, he appears every once in a while as a background character, and enjoys watching action-themed programming on television.
  • Mamoru - The son of the Undernet's creator, the current manager of the Undernet, and likely the operator of Serenade. During MegaMan Battle Network 3, he has the fictional disease HBD, which Lan's twin brother Hub died from years before the beginning of the series. When PlantMan causes the hospital's systems to go haywire while Mamoru is in surgery, his life is put at risk.
  • Terry (Teruo Jōmon (上文 テルオ Jōmon Teruo?) in the Japanese version) - Terry is the operator of SparkMan. He tricks Lan into believing his free PET maintenance scheme, and alters the files in his PET to cause trouble.
  • Atsuki Homura (火村 アツキ Homura Atsuki?) - Atsuki is the operator of BurnerMan. He has a quick temper, and is Mr. Match's rival.
  • Ivan Chillsky (Ivan Coolsky (イワン・コオリスキー Iwan Kōrisukī?) in the Japanese version) - Ivan is the operator of ColdMan who hails from Sharo. He finds even slightly warm temperatures as unbearably hot, and once hacked into Netopia's weather control systems to create a blizzard. After his netbattle with Lan, he was arrested and sent to a prison in Netfrica. In the anime, he is a world-renown engineer who specializes in data compression, and the operator of Asteroid ColdMan. In anger over disapproval of his latest project, he kidnaps Navis from all over the world using his technology.
  • Lily (Ran Igarashi (五十嵐 ラン Igarashi Ran?) in the Japanese version) - Lily is the operator of WindMan. Each time she drinks from the bottle around her neck, she becomes incredibly violent, as it was mistakenly filled with wine. In the anime, she is the priestess of Shiisaa Island who guards the Temple of the Wind God, and instead acts silly when inebriated.
  • Viddy Narcy (Narcy Hide (ナルシー・ヒデ Narushī Hide?) in the Japanese version) - Is a television producer, and a member of Neo WWW in the anime. He is the operator of VideoMan. In Battle Network 4, he tries to defeat Lan and MegaMan in the Eagle Tournament by using a rewind program, which caused MegaMan's controls to be reversed. In the anime, he is picked up by Sunayama to take part in Neo WWW's crimes. His favorite color is pink, and he claims to be "beyond gender." His schemes are usually bizarre, involving strange things such as slapping bunny ears onto video game characters and drenching an entire island in curry.
  • Tesla Gauss (Tesla Magnets (テスラ・マグネッツ Tesura Magunettsu?) in the Japanese version) - Is the daughter of Gauss, and the second operator of MagnetMan. In the games, she is a member of Team ProtoMan, while in the anime, she is the founder of the NetCrime organization, Neo WWW who is very sensitive about her age, frequently seen with Charlie Airstar, and becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo.
  • Charlie Airstar (チャーリー・エアスター Chārī Eastā?) - Charlie is a Netopian helicopter pilot, and the operator of GyroMan. In the games, he joins Team ProtoMan after showing that GyroMan's flying ability proves valuable as an asset. In the anime, he becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo, and is regarded as a player, though he does form a steady relationship with Tesla Gauss.
  • Fyrefox (Nenji Rokushakudama (六尺玉 燃次 Rokushakudama Nenji?) in the Japanese version) - Fyrefox is a maker of fireworks, and is the operator of NapalmMan (though NapalmMan was an independent NetNavi earlier in the series). In the anime, he was originally the operator of Nenjiro, who had been deleted in a fireworks-related accident. He discovers an injured Asteroid NapalmMan in his PET, who he slowly nurses back to health. In gratitude, NapalmMan decides to change his evil ways and become Fyrefox's Navi. He becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo.
  • Jasmine (ジャスミン Jasumin?) - Jasmine is a girl from China, and is the operator of Meddy. In the games, she joined Team ProtoMan while searching for a cure for her grandfather's illness. In the anime, she met Lan while searching for a medicinal herb for her instructor back home. She becomes one of the Cross Fusion members marked by Duo.
  • Iris (アイリス Airisu?) A mysterious girl that appears before Lan. In the games, she becomes one of his new classmates when he moves. In the anime, she acts as a guardian for Trill, able to control MegaMan's "Beast Out" factor while in Beyondard. In both incarnations, she is, in reality, a Navi that has the ability to manifest in the human world as a modified CopyBot (Copyroid), and is also Colonel's younger sister. In her Navi form, she can bypass firewalls without sustaining damage, and can erect potent barriers to defend herself or others while in the real world or cyberworld.
  • Pat Fahran (Phakchi Faran (パクチー・ファラン Pakuchī Faran?) in the Japanese version) - An expert cook from YumLand, and the operator of SlashMan. In the anime, she is a woman of Beyondard who worked aboard a cruise ship that was attacked by Zoanoroid WhaleMan. She was the only survivor, having washed up on shore near a fishing village.
  • Mick (Kojirō Aragaki (新垣 コジロー Aragaki Kojirō?) in the Japanese version) - One of Lan's new classmates in Battle Network 6. He thinks very little of Lan and wishes to crush him in a netbattle, or humiliate him in front of his new classmates. In the anime, he is a resident of a fishing village in Beyondard, who has feelings for Ms. Fahran.
  • Tab (Asuta Ōmori (大森 明日太 Ōmori Asuta?) in the Japanese version) - Another of Lan's classmates in Battle Network 6. He runs "Aster Land" (Asuta Land), his own chip shop.
  • Moliarty (Dotarō Horisugi (堀杉 土太郎 Horisugi Dotarō?) in ther Japanese version) - A hard-working, expert hole-digger, who is the operator of GroundMan. In the anime, Chaud and Maylu encounter him and his partner, Mister Press, while in Beyondard. Together, the duo accidentally travel to a world parallel of their own, wreaking havoc as they chase after a coin dropped by Kousuke.
  • Mister Press (ミスタープレス Misutā Puresu?) - A hard-working and innovative advocate of recycling, who is the operator of DustMan, and ends all his sentences with "de gozaru" in the Japanese version. In the anime, Chaud and Maylu encounter him and his partner, Moliarty, while in Beyondard. Together, the duo accidentally travel to a world parallel of their own, wreaking havoc as they chase after a coin dropped by Kousuke.
  • Dark Scythe (Dark Kirisaki (ダーク・キリサキ Dāku Kirisaki?) in the Japanese version) - Dark Scythe is the operator of EraseMan (Killerman in the Japanese version). He is a teacher in Battle Network 6, having been trained in the art of assassination by Dusk, and leads a subdivision of the Beyondard human resistance in the anime. In both incarnations, he is alluded to as the "Black Death God" (黒死神 Kuroi Shinigami) in the Japanese version.
  • Ann Zap (Ann Electel (アン・エレキテル An Erekiteru?) in the Japanese version) - An elderly woman who is Count Zap's wife, and ElecMan's second operator. In the anime, she is portrayed as a much younger counterpart to the former WWW member, who wishes to inherit the assets of her husband's estate. In the past, the day she was to be wed to another man, Zap knocked out the groom and stole Ann away with a diamond ring. After joining WWW, he left without telling Ann his whereabouts, prompting her to search for him.
  • Master Teng-Fian (Fuuten Roshi (風天老師 Fuuten Roshi?) in the Japanese version) - An old man who is one of Lan's teachers in Battle Network 6. His navi is TenguMan.
  • Mr. Hat (Mr.ハット Misutā Hatto?) - A master magician appearing in Rockman EXE Phantom of Network, who is the operator of HatMan.
  • Shuichi Eboshi (烏星 修一 Eboshi Shūichi?) - Mr. Hat's son, who feels neglected because his father is always busy with his magic shows, entering Lan's class as a transfer student. In the anime, he is a transfer student instead entering Tory's class who is hypnotized by Phantom HatMan into transforming large areas of the city into patches of flowers.
  • Rush - In the games, Rush is a Navi Customizer part that aids a user in multiplayer battles, as well as a virus and Battle Chip in the first Battle Network game. In the anime, Rush is an onsen-loving canine virus created by Yuichiro and installed into Maylu's PET when Roll and friends attempt to recover MegaMan. Rush has the ability to travel between the real world and the cyberworld with advanced holographic technology. He can also transform into the Rush Synchro Chip while in the real world,increasing an operator's Synchro Rating , allowing Mayl to Cross Fuse with Roll.


  • Tory Froid (Tōru Hikawa (氷川 透 Hikawa Tōru?) in the Japanese version) - Is a friend of Lan's, co-founder of the onsen club with Ms. Mari, a skilled skater and violinist, and the operator of IceMan. His father, Dr. Froid (known as Seiji Hikawa (氷川清次 Hikawa Seiji?) in Japan), runs the city's water works facility, and because of this, is blackmailed by WWW to do their bidding before Lan comes to the rescue. In the games, Tory is never mentioned by name, IceMan is his father's Navi, and he is kidnapped so that his father cooperates, whereas in the anime, the reverse is true. His game design was that of a generic NPC sprite; his design and role in the anime is completely original.
  • Trill (トリル Toriru?) - A child Navi created by Tadashi Hikari of Beyondard. Trill was discovered by Bubbleman after thawing from Colonel's Ice Seed. Being in an infant state, he would not stop crying until held by MegaMan, but "grew up" and gained the ability to speak. Trill is known as the "Synchronizer," and is heavily sought after by the Cybeast armies and Wily of Beyondard for his special talents. It is Trill's power that allows MegaMan to "Beast Out". In the final episode of the series, a cache data duplicate of Trill urges Lan and MegaMan to gather their strengths and defeat Cache. He is able to store viruses inside his pockets to defend himself.
  • Aki (AKI) - An incredibly popular digital idol singer who begins a contest in Jawaii seeking one who can best impersonate her. She is infected by a virus that causes her to lash out at others, but is rescued by MegaMan and co. Both IceMan and GutsMan have feelings for her, though they cannot touch her, as her program is different from that of a NetNavi. In the Japanese version, her hit single is titled "Anata no HEART ni Install!"
  • Kyuuta Hoshida (星田 球太 Hoshida Kyūta?) - A transfer student who enters Lan's class. His father, Kyuuma Hoshida, a famous baseball player, is traded to the Nihon Senators team. He finds it difficult to adjust to his new life, but with Lan's help, feels welcomed. He is the operator of LeagueMan.
  • Chief Keifer (Seishin Kifune (貴船 誠心 Kifune Seishin?)) - The head of the Net Police who commands the NetSavers.
  • Manuela Rin Manabe (真辺 鈴 Manabe Rin?) - Keifer's personal assistant, who almost never leaves his side.
  • Gorou Misaki (岬 梧郎 Misaki Gorō?) - A NetSaver and agent of the Net Police who is the first person to attempt Cross Fusion. He is the operator of PrisMan.
  • Mameo (まめ男?) - A boy in the same grade as Chisao who utterly detests vegetables. He is Asteroid PlantMan's operator.
  • Yui Hazuki (葉月 ユイ Hazuki Yui?) - A clumsy secretary who, without realizing it, becomes Asteroid StoneMan's operator. She is fatigued by her job, and accidentally begins turning everything she touches to stone due to her Navi's handiwork.
  • Hunter (ハンター Hantā?) - An agent of the Netopian branch of Net Police.
  • Mac (マック Makku?) and Harry (ハリー Harī?) - Two brothers that foster hatred towards Manuela for foiling their NetCrimes in the past. Together they are the operators of Asteroid GravityMan, who supports the duo in making her believe she is overweight.
  • Iriya (イリヤ?) - A well-known fencing master who is a friend of Laika's. He travels from Sharo to participate in a fencing tournament in Japan. He is Asteroid YamatoMan's operator, and has his Navi steal ancient Japanese weapons from museums.
  • Katsuki Domon (土門 凱 Domon Katsuki?) - A criminal involved in a bombing incident who is the original operator of Asteroid NapalmMan. He attempted to regain control of NapalmMan after losing his PET in an encounter with MegaMan, but was arrested once Fyrefox calmed the rampaging Navi down.
  • Cardamon (カルダモン Karudamon?) - Jasmine's grandfather, who is a famed pharmacist in Choina. He booby-traps his home and the surrounding mountain path to prevent people from harming wildlife, as well as protect his medical secrets.
  • Route (ルート Rūto?) - The guide program of an automobile museum, developed to control the autopilot systems in cars. She sacrifices herself to distract Asteroid BrightMan, but is reassembled with backup data.
  • Ken (ケン?) and Mary (メリー Merī?) - A couple that works for a gang leader collecting cars. The latter of the two is held hostage by their boss, while the former becomes Asteroid BrightMan's operator, manipulating the autopilot systems of every car in the city to reclaim his girlfriend.
  • Rat (ラット Ratto?) - A copycat criminal who intends to unlock every existing lock through a system of seals in the internet, mimicking the actions of Jackass twenty years prior to the events of Stream. He is the operator of Asteroid DrillMan.
  • Jackass (ジャッカス Jakkasu?) - A criminal who intended to rob every cyber bank twenty years prior to the events of Stream. While breaking into the largest bank, he was confronted by Baryl and Colonel, who put a stop to his plans. At the time, he commanded the to-be-extinct Trilo viruses.
  • Allegro (アレグロ Areguro?) - A child-like robot who is a genius in constructing Dimensional Areas, but uses his intellect to trap Navis in a game. Not meeting Bass' expectations as a "younger brother," Allegro's consciousness is destroyed.
  • Kitomar - Hunter's father who is a detective of a Netopian police station. MegaMan, after following ShadeMan twenty years into the past through the Past Tunnel, is arrested by him, as he thinks the Navi is working with Jackass.
  • Shanka (シャンカ?) - A childhood friend of Dingo's who hails from the same village. She hopes to return a totem pole stolen from their village hundreds of years prior, which has been discovered and kept in an art museum, to its proper place.
  • Romeda Andou (安藤 ロメダ Andō Romeda?) - A fortune teller who is struggling to become well-known in her field. She is Asteroid StarMan's operator. Her name is derived from the name of the Andromeda constellation.[citation needed]
  • Makoto Aoki (蒼木 真琴 Aoki Makoto?) - The prime developer of CopyBot technology, Makoto is Mr. Famous' ex-girlfriend. Although her brainchild is stolen by the Zoanoroids, she invents a weapon capable of destroying the CopyBots, and aids SciLab in making contact with the group sent to Beyondard.


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