Chandra (Chach Nama)

Chandra or Chandar(671-679 )[1] succeeded his brother chach and became throne of Alor, Sindh 671AD


In the Chach Nama, Brahmin chach became king to marry with widow of Rai Sahasi,the king of Alor,Sindh. Then chach call his brother Chandar(Chandra), He appoint his brother as a deputy of Alor. Now chach started expedition his empire . after death of chach, Chandra ascended the throne at Alor.[2]

Campaign of Kannauj

After death of Chach, Matta the ruler of Siwistan, who was defeated and subjugated by Chach. He approached King Siharas, ruler of Kannauj, and tell him that Chandar, was a monk who spent his entire day at prayer. It will be easy to snatch the kingdom from his hand. He asked Siharas to invade Chandar's domains, and appoint him as feudatory over a portion of them. For this action, Siharas would receive tribute from Matta. Siharas refused, stating that, even if he decided to seize the lands, he would place them under his own rule. However, he agreed to give Matta governorship of part of these conquests. Aligned with Chach's grandson, Siharas's armies invaded the Chandar’s domains. but their campaign ultimately failed, as Chandar continued to sit on the throne. At the end of the campaign, Siharas was captured by Chandar's forces. He sent back hostages with robes and honour, meanwhile peace prevailed and they became friend.[3]

Preceded by
Chach of Alor
Succeeded by
Raja Dahir

Chandar’s reign lasted 8 years. After his death his nephew Dahir succeeded and sat on the throne of Alor.


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