Chandika (Raj comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Raj Comics
First appearance

Pratishodh Ki Jwala (Issue No. # 74) (as Sweta)

Swarg ki tabahi (Issue No. # 147) (as Chandika)
Created by Anupam Sinha
In-story information
Alter ego Sweta Mehra
Team affiliations Commando Force, P.O.E.M.
Abilities Expert in hand to hand combat, uses gadgets created by herself, Genius in Science

Chandika is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by Raj Comics. The character first appeared in " Pratishodh ki Jwala" (Issue No. 74) , and was created by renowned artist and writer Anupam Sinha. She appeared as a sidekick in Dhruva's comics. Shweta first appeared as an Indian Schoolgirl in first comic of Dhruva. As Story developed she became Chandika, a hero support to Dhruva. Shweta is the only daughter of police officer I.G. Rajan. She physically looks timid and shy, though she is always playing pranks with Dhruva highlighting their subtle emotional relationship. She is quick witted and amuses everyone with her statements. She is a girl of essentially short height . She is an ultimate electronics and computer expert, going to the extent of designing sophisticated gadgets for both her brother and herself as Chandika.

As Chandika, she is one of the many allies Dhruva has. As Chandika, she wears a purple costume with a blonde wig. She has managed to keep her identity secret from Dhruva though many times Dhruva has come close to her identity. Dhruva has also developed suspicion that Shweta is Chandika, though Shweta always manages some ways to keep her identity secret. She has a knack to help Dhruva at crucial moments and tilting the balance in his favor. Along with Dhruva, she is one of the most popular character of all time. She has appeared in most of the Dhruva's comics.


Publication history


In (Year), Anupam Sinha created the superhero Dhruva. Shweta appeared from the first issue. In third & fourth issue of Dhruva (Aadamkhoron ka Swarg & Swarg ki Tabahi) Anupam Sinha developed the story and showed Shweta as Chandika. Shweta has constantly appeared in Dhruva's comics both as Shweta and Chandika. As story developed, Anupam Sinha put more efforts to make the character better.

Commercial Success

Chandika became one of the most popular character of Raj Comics. Her appearance in comics helped Dhruva's comics to gain more popularity. Her appearance in comics helped Dhruva's comics to become a stuff for both Boys and Girls. Her pranks with Dhruva helped Dhruva's comics to become more interesting and better. She has also appeared in many crossover titles making them a great commercial success.

Fictional Character Biography

In her first appearance, Shweta was introduced as a typical Indian schoolgirl living with her parents in Rajnagar, a fictional city in Raj Comics Universe. She is a brilliant student and loves science. In her spare time, she loves to do science experiments and creates new gadgets. She uses gadgets created by herself to fight crime and help her brother Dhruva.

Trivia And Timeline

  • In comics ,Barf Ki Chita (Issue No. 140), she gave Dhruva a contraption that enables him to survive in any climate. This contraption maintain a layer of air at body temperature (much like a force field) and protect him from any kind of adverse climate.
  • In comics ,Grand Master Robo (Special Issue No.2),her identity was revealed to Natasha who is love interest of Dhruva. Natasha promised Shweta to keep her secret identity. Natasha has also helped Shweta many times in protecting her secret identity.
  • In Comics, Aawaz Ki Tabahi (Special Issue No. 6), she gave an ear plug to Dhruva that helped him to save his ears from sound of high intensity and to defeat the villain Dhwaniraj.In the same comics, she also saved Dhruva from a free fall , using her glider eagle.
  • In Comics, Chumba Ka Chakravyuh (Special Issue No.13) , It was revealed that she has an underground laboratory.
  • In Comics, Maut Ke Chehre (Special Issue No.58), Shweta paased her intermediate exam getting a top rank in C.B.S.E. intermediate exam. From then, she became a college girl and her appearance was changed to a more mature look.
  • In comics, Dhruva-Shakti (Special issue no. 116), Shweta gave Dhruva some new gadget to help her in journey of crime fighting. She gave a Star Bracelet that shoots Star Blades. She also gave a metal belt that was better than Dhruva's old utility belt. She also gave him the Starline which was essentially metallic ropes that helped him to swing from building and push back Skate wheels attached to his boots.
  • In Comics, Dushman (Special Issue No. 127), she was badly injured by Ghigha and her secret identity was revealed to Dhruva. However, Natasha saved Chandika's secret identity by appearing as Chandika.
  • In Comics, Bauna Vaman (Special Issue No. 195), She worked as a summer trainee in Yukaharo Electronics , a fictional Japanese electronics company.
  • In comics , Spider (Special issue No. 2275), Shweta completed her college education. For higher education, she applied to an un-named college at Cambridge, England. She got selected and moved to Cambridge, England. In the whole Spider Series (3 comics), she had new adventure alongside with her brother.

Powers And Equipments

Chandika has no Special superpowers. It has been mentioned that she has taken the commando training by her brother Dhruva. She is expert in hand to hand combat. She uses gadgets created by herself. Enemies Chandika has no specific enemies. Whoever is an enemy of Dhruva is also an enemy of Chandika. In her journey to crime fighting, she has defeated many powerfeul enemies. Chandika as A supporting Character Over the years Chandika has became the most popular supporting character. Many fans of Dhruva ranked her as best supporting character in Dhruva's Comics.

Alternate Versions

Chandika in comics "Dead Force": She is same as Chandika in regular Dhruva's comics.
Chandika/Shweta In Nagayan : Shweta was supposed to be dead saving Natasha in a battle with Pami Harican . Her body was not found . Later , it was revealed in comics Nagyan:Ran Kand (Special issue no. 2335) that Shweta did not die in battle. She survived. However, her body got severe burns and she lost her memory. Robo convinced her that she was in fact a member of Robo's Army. He put a microchip in her body that let him control her mind.

Cultural Impact

Over the years, Chandika has become one of the most famous Raj Comics character.

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