Chacha (brandy)

A Georgian woman holding chacha (Binekhi Estragon)

Chacha (Georgian: ჭაჭა, pronounced [tʃʼɑtʃʼɑ]) is traditionally a clear strong liquor, which is sometimes called "vine vodka," "grape vodka," or "Georgian vodka." Chacha is made of grape pomace (grape residue left after making wine). It can also be produced from non-ripe or non-cultured grapes and, in some cases, figs, tangerines, oranges, or mulberries.

Originally only a homebrewed drink of Georgian farmers is it today also produced by professional distillers who received famous international awards for their products. One of the most famous chachas is the "Binekhi Estragon" which became distinguished with the silver medal on the Mundus Vini, the world's biggest wine competition.[1]

The term "chacha" is used in Georgia to refer to any type of moonshine made of fruits, though it most commonly refers to grape distillate.

Many Georgians claim that Chacha has medicinal properties and is suggested as a remedy for a number of ailments including ear blockages and indigestion. Also, chacha is said to cure stomachaches by applying to the abdomen.

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