Ayn Karim

Ayn Karim
'Ayn Karim
Postcard from Ayn Karim, pre-1948
'Ayn Karim is located in Mandatory Palestine
'Ayn Karim
Arabic عين كارم
District Jerusalem
Coordinates 31°45′55″N 35°8′58″E / 31.76528°N 35.14944°E / 31.76528; 35.14944Coordinates: 31°45′55″N 35°8′58″E / 31.76528°N 35.14944°E / 31.76528; 35.14944
Population 3,689[1] (1948[2])
Area 15,029[1] dunums
Date of depopulation 10 and 21 April 1948, 16 July, 1948[3]
Cause(s) of depopulation Influence of nearby town's fall
Secondary cause Military assault by Yishuv forces
Current localities Ein Kerem[4]

‘Ayn Karim (Arabic: عين كارم‎) was a Palestinian town in the British mandate District of Jerusalem

The population of 'Ayn Karim in 1931 was 2,637 and in 1944/45 it was 3,180, in each case including the smaller localities of Ayn al-Rawwas and Ayn al-Khandaq.[5]

The 1947 UN Partition Plan placed 'Ayn Karim in the Jerusalem enclave intended for international control.[6] Immediately after the April 1948 massacre at the nearby village of Deir Yassin (2 km to the north), most of the women and children in the village were evacuated. It was attacked by Israeli forces during the 10-day truce of July 1948. The remaining civilian inhabitants fled on July 10-11. The Arab irregular forces which had camped in the village left on July 14-16 after Jewish forces captured two dominating hilltops, Khirbet Beit Mazmil and Khirbet al Hamama, and shelled the village. During its last days, 'Ayn Karim suffered from severe food shortages.[7]


Modern history

Israel later incorporated the village into the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem as Ein Kerem.[7]

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