Lists of people by belief

Lists of people by belief

These are articles that list people of a particular religious or political belief.

Lists of people by political belief

* List of anarchists
** List of anarchist musicians
** List of anarchist poets
** List of Jewish anarchists
* Socialists — see Socialism
** Communists — see Communism
*** List of left communists
*** List of Portuguese Communists
*** List of Romanian communists
* Teetotalers — see Teetotalism
* Vegans — see Veganism

Lists of people by religious belief

*Bahá'ís — see Bahá'í Faith
*Buddhists — see Buddhism
*Christians — see Christianity
** List of converts to Christianity
** Lists of patriarchs, archbishops, and bishops
** List of Christian Missionaries
** List of saints
** List of former Christians
** By Christian denomination:
***Anglicans and Episcopalians - see Anglicanism and Episcopalian
***Latter-day Saints — see Mormonism
**** List of LDS Church presidents
***Quakers — see also Religious Society of Friends
***Roman Catholics - see Roman Catholic Church
**** List of former Roman Catholics
**** List of popes
***Unitarian Universalists — see Unitarian Universalism
*Confucianists — see Confucianism
*Deists — see Deism
*Hindus — see Hinduism
** List of converts to Hinduism
*Jains - see Jainism
*Jews — see Jew, Judaism
** List of converts to Judaism
** List of rabbis
*Muslims — see Islam
** List of caliphs
** List of converts to Islam
** List of former Muslims
*Occultists — see also occultism
*Pagans (includes believers in Wicca) — see Paganism, Neopaganism
*Pantheists - see Pantheism
*Rastafarians — see Rastafari movement
*Restoration Movement - see Restoration Movement, Churches of Christ, Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and Christian Church Disciples of Christ.
*List of thinkers influenced by deconstruction - see deconstruction
*Seventh-day Adventists — see Seventh-day Adventist Church
*Satanists — see Satanism
*Scientologists — see Scientology
*Sikhs — see Sikhism
** List of converts to Sikhism
*Swedenborgians - see Swedenborgianism
*Taoists — see Taoism
*Thelemites - see Thelema
*Unificationists — see Unification Church
*Universal Life Church — see Universal Life Church
*Zoroastrians — see Zoroastrianism


*Agnostics — see Agnosticism
*Atheists — see Atheism
**List of former atheists
*Humanists — see Humanism

ee also

* Religions of the world
* List of Biblical figures
* List of messiah claimants

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