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Hermes ("Higher-order modular finite element system") is a C/C++ collectionof adaptive hp-FEM algorithms for rapid prototyping of adaptive "hp"-FEM solvers. It can be used for simple elliptic PDEs as well as for complicated time-dependent nonlinear multi-physics PDE systems. Hermes is designed for engineers, physicists, geologists, and other practitioners. The library has a highly modular structure which allows you to use only data structures and algorithms that you really need. The software and methods are developed by an international [ hp-FEM group] atthe University of Nevada at Reno (USA) and Institute of Thermomechanics in Prague (Czech Republic).

Unique Features

Hermes has several [ unique features] which you are not likely to find in other finite element software.

Computational Movie Gallery

Visit the [ movie gallery] to see samplespace-time "hp"-FEM computations of time-dependent single- and multiphysics PDE problems.

More Information, Download, Tutorial, Examples

Visit the [ Hermes Wiki TRAC page] .


* S. Beuchler, J. Schoeberl: New shape functions for triangular p-FEM using integrated Jacobi polynomials, Numerische Mathematik, Volume 103, Issue 3, pp. 339 - 366, 2006.
* P. Solin, K. Segeth, I. Dolezel: Higher-Order Finite Element Methods, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, 2003.

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