Wisconsin Fleece Hall of Fame

The Wisconsin Fleece Hall of Fame is a reference made on Wisconsin sports radio [http://www.sportsradio1250.com/ SportsRadio 1250 Milwaukee ] programs and, more generally, among Wisconsin sports discussion circles [http://community.sportsbubbler.com/blogs/the_daily_drink/archive/2008/10/09/grades-and-cash-money.aspx Sports Blog] [http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=579275 Bob McGinn's Contributions to the Wisconsin Fleece Hall of Fame] regarding Wisconsin sports stars who have either: a) signed a large contract OR b) generally had high expectations among Wisconsin sports fans AND woefully underperformed. The Wisconsin Fleece Hall of Fame was inspired by former Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire's Golden Fleece Award [http://www.taxpayer.net/projects.php?action=view&category=&type=Project&proj_id=809 Senator Proxmire's Golden Fleece Award] , which highlighted government programs that wasted taxpayer's money. Similarly, the Wisconsin Fleece Hall of Fame commemorates those Wisconsin sports figures who have wasted Wisconsin sports fan's time and patience.

Inaugural Class

The inaugural class of 2008 was announced October 2nd, 2008 and included the following players:

Tony Mandarich (Green Bay Packers) Winner of the 1989 Fleecy

Joe Johnson (Green Bay Packers) Winner of the 2002 Fleecy

Anthony Mason (Milwaukee Bucks) Co-Winner of the 2001 Fleecy

Bobby Simmons (Milwaukee Bucks) Winner of the 2006 Fleecy

Jeffrey Hammonds (Milwaukee Brewers) Co-Winner of the 2001 Fleecy

The Fleeciest

The debate over who has fleeced Wisconsin the most has been open to heated discussion and debate for years. Conditions to consider when determining the winner of the "Fleecy" include:

Monetary cost of player to team

Amount of legitimacy lost by team following aftermath of player's involvement

Length of time player was an emotional and financial drain on team

Quality of potential replacement players passed over during nominee's tenure due to fool-hardy hopes that said player for "turn it around".

Future Potential Nominees

Potential nominees for future years include:

Player Nominees

Terry Glenn Packers

Cletidus Hunt Packers

Terrell Buckley Packers

Robert Ferguson Packers

Bill Schroeder Packers

Gary Payton Bucks

Jeff Suppan Brewers

Eric Gagne Brewers

Teddy Higuera Brewers

Ben McDonald Brewers

Ben Sheets Brewers

Marquis Grissom Brewers

Shawn Respert* Bucks

Sam Okey Badgers

Dameon Mason Marquette Golden Eagles

Coach / Executive Nominees

Sal Bando

Dean Taylor

Tom Rossley

Bob Slowik

Ray Rhodes

Ned Yost

* Denotes Possible, Although Unlikely Exception for Cancer


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