Drisheen (Irish: drisín) is often viewed as a type of black pudding made in Ireland. Irish black pudding is made from a mixture of cow's, pig's and/or sheep's blood, milk, salt, fat and breadcrumbs, which is boiled and sieved and finally cooked using the main intestine of an animal (typically a pig or sheep) as the sausage skin. The sausage may be flavoured with herbs, such as tansy. Drisheen is often mixed up with pudding as it is similar to pudding in many respects. The recipe for drisheen varies widely from place to place and it also differs depending on the time of year. Drisheen is a cooked product but it usually requires further preparation before eating. How this is done varies widely from place to place.

In Cork and Limerick, the dish is often paired with tripe, where it is known as "Packet & Tripe".

In culture

Drisheen is mentioned in James Joyce's Ulysses and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. It is also described in the celebrated travel-writer H.V. Morton's 1930 book, In Search of Ireland.

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