Agricultural Academy in Dublany

Agricultural Academy in Dublany was one of the first Polish language schools of this kind. Its history dates back to 1852, when a farm in the village of Dublany (eight kilometers from the outskirts of Lwow, currently in Ukraine) was purchased by the Galician Agricultural Society. Four years later, a private School of Village Agriculture was opened there and in 1858, the school was turned into the Agricultural College, with Leon Sapieha being the founder. In 1901 the school gained the rights of a university and was financed by the Galician authorities. However, it never received permission to issue doctorate degree, issuing only the agronomist diplomas. During the Polish-Ukrainian War, the Academy’s campus was destroyed and as a result, it was moved to Lwow, where in 1919 it was merged with the Lviv Polytechnic, creating Agricultural and Forestry Department.

At the beginning of the XX century, the campus consisted of two buildings, the main one constructed in 1888 and the laboratory complex, opened in 1900. Before World War One, it had around 1500 students, most of them from Congress Poland. Among its professors, there were such names as Stefan Dab-Biernacki, Juliusz Au and Wladyslaw Tyniecki. Most famous graduates include Stefan Alexandrowicz, Adam Brzechwa-Ajdukiewicz and Wlodzimierz Puchalski.

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