Galasso clan

Galasso clan

The Galasso clan was an Neapolitan Camorra clan operating inland to the east of the city of Naples, more specifically in the town of Poggiomarino.


The formation of the historical Galasso clan in 1970 is identified with the coexistence of the Galasso brothers, Ciro and Pasquale who dominated it. They had such a firm control of their main stronghold Poggiomarino, that on more than one occassion, the local city municipal had to be dissolved due to its infiltration by Camorristi. The clan's central headquarters stretched over three thousand square meters and consisted of a football court, tennis court, two swimming pools and even a private collection of over 300 pieces of precious antiques. The early 1990's saw the decline of the Galasso clan, which was inextricably linked to that of their strongest ally, Alfieri clan, headed by Carmine Alfieri. On May 5, 1992, Pasquale Galasso was arrested and decided to collaborate with Italian Justice on September of that year and became a pentito, thus becoming the first major Camorrista to do so. His example was followed by his close ally Carmine Alfieri, a year later. The repentence of Galasso was considered of key importance as to the extent of the relationship between the Camorra and the local politicians, in this case represented by the Christian Democrat, Antonio Gava.


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