Corsage (bodice)

Corsage refers to the bodice of a dress. In the 19th century, corsage was a common term for a woman's bodice or jacket.

In modern usage, corsage is often confused with a corset, but a corset is tighter. A bridal corset is often a corsage.

Originally, a bouquet of flowers, flower bud, or a bow was worn on the corsage between the breasts, hence the name corsage for a cluster of flowers worn on the breast, waist or wrist.

Recently, it is a cluster of flowers given to one's date at a prom or formal dance to wear on either a dress or a wrist.

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  • corsage — late 15c., size of the body, from O.Fr. cors body (see CORPSE (Cf. corpse)); the meaning body of a woman s dress, bodice is from 1818 in fashion plates translated from French; 1843 in a clearly English context. Sense of a bouquet worn on the… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Corsage — Cor sage (k[^o]r s[asl]j), n. [F. See {Corset}.] 1. The waist or bodice of a lady s dress; as, a low corsage. 2. (k[^o]r*s[aum]zh ) a flower or small arrangement of flowers worn by a person as a personal ornament. Typically worn by women on… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Corsage — The waist or bodice of a lady s dress …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

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  • corsage — [kôr säzh′, kôrsäj′] n. [Fr < OFr cors: see CORPS & AGE] 1. the bodice of a dress ☆ 2. a small bouquet for a woman to wear, as at the waist or shoulder …   English World dictionary

  • corsage — /kawr sahzh /, n. 1. a small bouquet worn at the waist, on the shoulder, on the wrist, etc., by a woman. 2. the body or waist of a dress; bodice. [1475 85; < MF: bodily shape (later: bust, bodice, corsage), equiv. to cors body ( < L corpus) + age …   Universalium

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  • corsage — cor•sage [[t]kɔrˈsɑʒ[/t]] n. a small bouquet worn at the waist, on the shoulder, etc., by a woman • Etymology: 1475–85; < MF: bodily shape (later: bust, bodice, corsage) =cors body (< L corpus) + age age …   From formal English to slang

  • corsage — noun /kɔːˈsɑːʒ/ A small bouquet of flowers, originally worn attached to the bodice of a womans dress …   Wiktionary

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