Model may refer to:


  • Physical model, a physical representation of an object
  • Scale model, a replica or prototype of an object
  • 3D modelling, a 3D polygonal representation of an object, usually displayed with a computer
  • Model aircraft
  • Car model
  • Model building, a hobby centred around construction of material replicas
  • Solid modelling, study of unambiguous representations of the solid parts of an object, also called in vitro models
  • Model organism, a simple organism used as model in biology
  • Model (product), an identifier of a product given by its manufacturer (also called model number).

Human models

  • Model (art), a person who poses to be depicted in art, for example in art school
  • Model (person), a person employed to display his or her looks or something such as a commercial product
  • Fetish model, a model who wears the clothing and/or devices of sexual fetishes
  • Promotional model, a person who interacts with consumers to draw attention to and often inform them about a product
  • Pseudo-model, (lang mo(u)) a term coined in Hong Kong for young would-be models
  • Role model, a person who serves as a behavioural or moral example to others




  • Business model, a framework of the business logic of a firm
  • Causal model, an abstract model that uses cause and effect logic
  • Computer model, a computer program which attempts to simulate an abstract model of a particular system
  • Data model, a description of database structure
  • Economic model, a theoretical construct representing economic processes
  • Ecosystem model, a representation of components and flows through an ecosystem
  • Graphical model, a probabilistic model for which a graph denotes the conditional independence structure between random variables
  • Internal model, a neural process that simulates the response of the motor system in order to estimate the outcome of a motor command
  • Macroeconomic model, an economic model representing a national or regional economy
  • Mental model, a person's cognitive representation of an idea or thought process
  • Modelling (psychology), learning by imitating or observing a person's behavior
  • Model-view-controller, an architectural pattern in software engineering
  • Pre-clinical development model of a biological process, used in biological or medical research
  • Standard Model, the theory in particle physics which describes certain fundamental forces and particles
  • Statistical model, in applied statistics, a parameterized set of probability distributions
  • Mechanistic model, a description of a system in terms of its constituent parts and mechanisms
  • System model (disambiguation), any of several conceptual models that describes and represents a system
  • Toy model, a simplified system that illustrates or exhibits the same behaviour as the more complex, general system

Related studies

  • Business process modelling, the activity of representing processes of an enterprise
  • Enterprise modelling
  • Geologic modelling, the applied science of creating computerized models of geologic features
  • NLP Modelling, a method in neuro-linguistic programming for acquiring expertise through imitation
  • Model theory, study of the representation of mathematical concepts
  • Molecular modelling, methods and techniques to model the behaviour of molecules
  • Morphological analysis (problem-solving), or morphological modelling, a problem-solving technique used for problems with which causal modelling does not function well
  • Process modelling, a core concept in process engineering
  • Scientific modelling, the process of generating abstract models for the iterative development of hypotheses as part of the scientific method
  • Similitude (model), in engineering, used in the scientific testing of physical models
  • Value-added modelling, a technique for measuring teacher performance based on the changes in student scores from year to year on standardized tests

Titles and names


  • Rick Martel, professional wrestler known as "The Model"
  • Walther Model (1891–1945), German Field Marshal of World War II
  • Eddie Taubensee, baseball player who was known as "The Model" during his playing days


Artistic works

  • "Model," a song by Avail from their 1994 album Dixie (album)
  • Models, a 1999 film by Ulrich Seidl
  • "Das Model" (spelling on album: "Das Modell"; English version title: "The Model"), a song by the German band Kraftwerk. Later covered by German band Rammstein
  • The Model, novel by Norwegian writer Lars Saabye Christensen
  • Model (manhwa), a manhwa series by Lee So Young




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