Lemon socialism

Lemon socialism

Lemon socialism is a term for the practice in supposedly free market capitalist economies in which the government steps in to bailout or otherwise subsidize weak or failing firms. [cite web
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A government attempting to transition from capitalism to socialism by this method takes control of the worst industries — the "lemons" — first, which undermines such an approach. [cite book
title=Economic Justice and Democracy
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] Socialists socialize the losses while capitalists keep the profits. [cite book
author=Forum for Contemporary History
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] Similarly, in post-Communist societies, nationalized industries which had the least capital with which to modernize are the last targets for privatization. [cite book
title=Ethnic Nationalism: The Tragic Death of Yugoslavia
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] The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 has been cited as an example of lemon socialism. [cite web
title=GOP, RIP? Nearly three decades of Republican dominance may be coming to an end
authorlink=Timothy Noah
] [cite web
title=The Bush Crisis Plan: Greatest transfer of wealth in world history

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