Titus (disambiguation)

Titus is a common Roman praenomen of unknown etymology, which could refer to any of the following:

Historical or living persons

* St. Titus, fellow worker with St. Paul of Tarsus and pastor of the first Christian church in Crete at Gortyn
** The Epistle to Titus
* Titus, the Roman Emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus who ruled from 79BCE TO 81BCE.
** His father, Titus Flavius Vespasianus, the Roman Emperor Vespasian
* The historian Titus Livius, usually called 'Livy' in English
* Titus Pomponius Atticus (110 BC/109 BC – 32 BC), an ancient Roman littérateur/philosopher and friend of Marcus Tullius Cicero
* Titus Labienus, Roman general
* Another name for Saint Dismas, the "good thief"
* Titus (patriarch), Patriarch of Constantinople
* Titus van Rijn, son of the painter Rembrandt
* Christopher Titus, the star and namesake of the sitcom
* Herb Titus U.S. Taxpayers Party|American Taxpayers Party Vice presidential candidate in the 1996 election
* Josip Broz Tito, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia leader (variation on "Tito")
* Titus, former ring name of professional wrestler Ryan Wilson
*Titus Bramble, English footballer
*Silas Titus, Civil War Soldier and active organizer of the city of Syracuse, New York
*Silas Wright Titus, Engineer and inventor of water pumping systems, discoverer of water supply for New York City in the late nineteenth century.
* Silius Titus, captain of Deal Castle, and Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King Charles II.
* Sir Titus Salt, born 1803, manufacturer, politician and philanthropist in West Yorkshire, creator of Saltaire
* Titus Pullo, a Roman centurion in Caesar's Legions
* Titus Brandsma, outspoken Dutch Catholic opponent of Nazism

In the natural world

* Titus, the ancient name of the Krka river in Croatia.
* Titus (spider) is also a species of spiders (Gnaphosidae)

In fiction

* "Titus Andronicus", a play by William Shakespeare
* Titus Groan, the protagonist in the "Gormenghast" books by Mervyn Peake
* "Titus" (film) (1999), the movie based upon Shakespeare's play
** The soundtrack to the movie, by Elliot Goldenthal, "Titus" (soundtrack)
* "Titus" (TV series), American situation comedy

In science and technology

* Titus (company), a German skateboard and skate wear company
* TITUS Cyberbit Basic, a typeface developed by the TITUS Project and Bitstream Inc
* Titus Cycles, a bicycle frame manufacturer based in Tempe, Arizona, USA
* TITUS (project), a project for creation of an Indo-European languages thesaurus
* Titus (rocket), A French rocket
* Titus Software, a video game developer and video game publisher
* Titus the Fox, a video game by Titus Software


* Titus (band), a Newcastle based Christian punk rock band
* Titus books (publisher), a New Zealand based independent publisher.

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