name = Bohecker College
established = 1922
type = Private
president = Duncan M. Anderson]
city = Ravenna
state = Ohio
country = United States
colors= Green
enrollment = 292
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Bohecker College (also known as Boheckers, or Boheckers Business College) is a small business college located in Ravenna, Ohio, United States, near the intersection of SR14 & SR44 (Chestnut Street). 653 Enterprise Parkway.


Bohecker College is one of the oldest continuously operating private colleges in Ohio. It has provided career education training to the people or northeast Ohio since its founding in 1922. Originally Bohecker College, then known as Boheckers Business College, was an all female school, but since has become co-ed. In early 2006 Boheckers Business College moved from it's former location on E. Main St. in Ravenna, OH, to it's new location at 653 Enterprise Parkway in the north part of Ravenna. Shortly after moving, the school shortened it's name to Bohecker College, and also added a new Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, And Refrigeration (HVACR) program.


Associates Of Applied Business In:
-Accounting Technology
-Administrative Assistant Executive
-Administrative Assistant Medical
-Administrative Assistant Legal
-Business Administration
-Criminal Justice
-Sales And Marketing
-Medical Assisting Administration
-Health Information Management

Associate Of Applied Science In:
-Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning And Refrigeration (HVACR)

-Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning And Refrigeration (HVACR)
-Medical Coding And Billing Specialist
-Computer Applications Specialist

chool Year

Bohecker College has 5 Quarters a year. Winter, Spring, Summer I, Summer II, Fall. Each quarter is 10 weeks long. Students receive 2 weeks off during the year (Either 2 weeks at Christmas, or 1 week at Christmas & 1 week between Summer I & II). Students also get holidays off.

To be a full time student, one must take a 3 classes a quarter. Generally students go to one class a day, three different days a week (example: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday). Classes range from 4-6 hours long. Classes that are taught in one of the computer labs are 5 hours long. General classes are 4 hours long, and HVACR classes are 6 hours long. Classes take a 10-15 break every hour, in which the students are free to go outside, leave to get something to eat, go to the library/media center, or sit in the student lounge.

Associates Degrees require a student to take 8 guarters, each containing 3 classes. Medical students also must take externships.

Diploma courses contain the major course material, but not the humanities and general education classes that would be required for an Associates Degree.


Bohecker College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award Specialized Associate's Degrees and Diplomas.


State Board of Career Colleges and Schools
Job Training Partnership Act of 1982
Ohio Bureau of Vacational Rehabilitation
Ohio State Approving Agency for Veterans Training

Board Of Directors

CEO: Duncan M. Anderson
CFO: Steve Budosh
President: Duncan M. Anderson
Vice President: Eric Jacobs
Regional Manager: Eric Jacobs
Campus Director: Sonya Hartburg

Bohecker College is a Proprietary Ohio Corporation. The ownership structure for Bohecker College is as follows:Level 1: Dwayneco, Inc., 100% ownership of Bohecker College.Level 2: The Marco Group, Inc., 100% owndership of level 1.Level 3: Education Affiliates, Inc., 100% wonership of level 2.Level 4: Education Affiliates, LLC, 98% ownership of level 3.Level 5: JLL Partners Fund IV, L.P., 100% ownership of level 4.


The new facility on Enterprise Parkway includes:
-Handicap Accesible
-Library/Media Center
-Student Lounge
-Medical Classrooms
-Medical Library
-2 Computer Labs
-Wise Quad
-HVACR Classroom (w/ private entrance)
-Outdoor Smoking Area |

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