American School of Correspondence

Founded in 1897, the American School of Correspondence is a nationally accredited distance education high school. A pioneer in the field of home study, the not-for-profit educational institution has over two million graduates and currently serves about 40,000 students.

High School at Home

The American School is a non-public secondary school and offers its own diploma. It is not a GED program. High school students can complete four years' worth of credits at their own pace, often taking less time than in a traditional high school. All exams in the more than 70 courses offered are hand graded by a qualified staff of full-time and part-time instructors.

College scholarships are awarded annually by the school.

Additionally, the school works with thousands of public, private, and parochial schools throughout the United States in offering individual courses to students who have fallen behind in credits, are working at an accelerated rate, distance learning or use the school as a summer school program. The students receive credits for these correspondence courses that are then transferred to their high school.

Famous Students

Famous athletes and entertainers who have used the American School include:

*Jessica Alba
*Tiffany Evans
*The Everly Brothers
*Marie Osmond
*Donny Osmond
*Christopher Paolini
*Andre Agassi
*Bob Feller
*Anna Kournikova
*Travis Pastrana
*Mary Pierce
*Deanna Stellato
*Shulamit Ran
*Jamie Wyeth
*Sho Yano
*Ellen Muth
*Tyler Faoro
*Ashley Ross
*Patrick Chancey

History and Diversity

The demographics of American School students vary widely and include both those of high school age and older students who are working to fulfill their lifelong dream of obtaining a high school diploma.

The American School was located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago for many years before moving to the suburb of Lansing, IL in 1996. The building which once housed the school in Hyde Park is now considered a Chicago architectural landmark.

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