Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Japan Air Self-Defense Force

|| Airborne command and control

Airborne refueling || E-767
KC-767J || 4
2 [ [http://www.milaviapress.com/orbat/japan/index.php Japanese military aviation OrBat] ] || Two more KC-767s on order
Gulfstream IV || || Tactical transport || C-130H || 16 |
British Aerospace BAe 125 || || Transport || YS-11
YS-11A || 3
Grumman E-2 Hawkeye || || Trainer || T-2A || 14 || Past equipment
Fuji T-7 || || Trainer || || 208 |
Sikorsky UH-60J Black Hawk || || Transport helicopter || CH-47J || 15 || Built by Kawasaki
Mitsubishi F-1 || || Fighter
Reconnaissance || F-4EJ
F-4EJ kai
RF-4EJ || 1
less than 90
15 || RF-4 version being phased out; equivalent number of F-15 to receive synthetic aperture radar pods
F-15 Eagle ||
Kawasaki C-X || ] [cite web| url=http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/japan/aircraft.htm|title=Japan Air Defence Force| publisher=Globalsecurity.org| accessdate=2006-08-06]

 Past equipment

* MIM-3 Nike Ajax
* MIM-14 Nike-Hercules
* Nike-J

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*Military ranks and insignia of the Japan Self-Defense Forces

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* [http://www.mod.go.jp/asdf/ Japan Air Self-Defense Force (Japanese)] [http://www.mod.go.jp/asdf/en/index.html (English)]

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