Public Relations Unit or PRU is the publicity and image doyen of National University of Singapore Students' Union or NUSSU to both the students and the rest of the world. Their dedication in serving the students is reflected in activities and projects they undertake. They take pride in the members, the number one asset in PRU. NUSSU PRU is also a non-profit students' organisation.


Early years

Founded in 1997.

Name change

NUSSU PRU renamed herself from Public Relations Committee to Public Relations Unit.



The mission of PRU is to promote and develop good relations with all undergraduates in NUS.Our vision is to continuously strive to operate by our philosophy:- Keeping our commitment to serve the student population in NUS.- Developing our members- To nurture, to develop and to grow.- Setting a good example to allow the community to know and judge NUSSU and PRU by our embodiment of it in character and service.- To bring vibrancy to the undergraduate life.


All NUS students are welcome to join NUSSU PRU. There is over 100 new intake every academic year. Simply contact them and arrange for an interview session to gain membership to NUSSU PRU.


NUSSU PRU undertakes many activities which involves the whole university.These activities includes:- Student Leaders' Camp (dec)- V Bash (jan/feb)- Fest La Vie (feb)- NUS Open House (mar)- Stardust (collaboration)- NUS Breakers (aug)- Campus Concert- Hostings

tudent Leaders' Camp

Student Leaders' Camp or SLC is a 3 day-2 night camp, gathering leaders from the numerous established NUS student groups to hone their leadership and team skills through a series of meaningful activities. Through SLC, lasting friendships are forged.

V Bash

V Bash is an event which invites the whole of NUS to an exciting night of fun and entertainment and which boasts a huge sell-out of tickets year after year.V Bash is also branded for its loud publicity. It is an event that is seldom unheard of. The Biggest and Most Happening Bash in NUS - V Bash.

Fest La Vie

Fest La Vie, prized as the biggest and most happening carnival of each year, is a major annual NUS event. Through this event, awareness about the union among the student population is raised and to promote greater vibrancy, sense of pride and belonging amongst the students. Since the first initiation in 2000, Fest La Vie has always been successful in drawing the targeted crowds due to the various highlights of the event as well as being the perfect platform for students to voice out the opinions openly and freely.

NUS Open House

A mega event where all prospective freshmen are invited to tour NUS grounds. An important event on NUS calendar where everyone will be trying their best to woo future NUS students. NUSSU PRU has had the continuous privilege to organize the student display section (showcasing CCAs and Residential Halls) as well as the food bazaar for the inaugural NUS Open House.


Stardust is an annual nationwide singing competition. A mega singing competition jointly organised by NUS Bizad Club and NUSSU PRU. It has been a flagship project to provide a platform to showcase the musical talents of Singapore youths and unleash undiscovered singing talents in Singapore.

NUS Breakers

NUS Breakers is an annual event that is usually held at the beginning of the school calendar. It aims to increase the vibrancy of the school by bringing the whole NUS population together to break Singapore Book of Records and Guinness Book of Records. Past records include folding a record of 10056 cranes, 11553 pinwheels in one hour , most number of people eating wasabi ice-cream, ice kachang at the same time and the largest display of 8888 pinwheels. NUS Breakers is now at its third year(2008) and it will be bringing in more fun, surprises and new records. Moreover, it is not just about having fun and breaking records, there is also a charity element where the money raised will be donated to the various charities.

Campus Concerts

Artistises are invited to hold a concert within NUS. Campus concert is open to all and free admission. Past concerts includes Kaira Gong, Sweety and Kelly Poon.


NUSSU PRU play host to foreign students who come to Singapore/NUS for a tour. Being the NUS Students Embassidors and Liason Officiers between the guests and Office of Students' Affairs(OSA), their stay are ensured to be a fun, pleasant and memorable one. Activities, bonding sessions and tours within the school are also held.


NUSSU SecretariatYusof Ishak House31 Lower Kent Ridge RoadSingapore 119078

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