List of Midrashot

List of Midrashot

List of Midrasha and seminary programs :


*Midreshet Aviv []
*Midreshet Binat []
*Machon Chaya Mushka Women's Institute
*Machon Gold []
*Midreshet HaRova []
*Midreshet Hebron []
*Jerusalem College Michlala []
*Midreshet Lindenbaum []
*Midreshet Moriah []
*Nachlas Har Chabad []
*Midrasha L'Nashim [] , Bar-Ilan University
*Nishmat []
*Migdal Oz (seminary) []
*Ohr Chaya []
*Midreshet Shuva []
*Machon Tal / Midreshet Ma'amakim []
*Midreshet Tal Menashe []
*Midreshet Yeud []
*Women's Institute of Judaic Studies []

United States

*Berkeley, California []
*Oakland, California []
*Contra Costa, California []
*Tri-Valley Tri-Cities, California

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