62nd Venice International Film Festival

The 62nd Venice International Film Festival opened on August 31, 2005 with Tsui Hark's "Seven Swords" and closed on September 10, 2005 with a screening of Peter Ho-sun Chan's musical "Perhaps Love". The lineups were announced by the festival director Marco Müller on July 28, 2005 in Rome. The digital films can compete in all categories for the first time of the festival history.

Asian filmmaking confirms its vitality, and with this year's most important works demonstrates that it has once again been capable of challenging the most intelligent spectacular effects from Hollywood. This inaugural event of the 62nd Festival will thus acquire the value of a special tribute to filmmaking from the Far East, which has been cause for such enthusiasm in Western film and culture.

Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese animated filmmaker and Stefania Sandrelli, Italian actress were awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.


In competition

*Italy's Oscar-winning set designer Dante Ferretti (President)
*Chinese author Ah Cheng
*French film director Claire Denis
*German director Edgar Reitz
*Icelandic musician and actress Emiliana Torrini
*American independent producer Christine Vachon
*Israel director Amos Gitai


This jury will assign the Horizons (Orizzonti) Prize and the Horizons (Orizzonti) Doc Prize for the best documentary, in each case to single winners.
*Italian artist with a close relationship with cinema Mimmo Rotella (Chairman)
*Spanish film director Isabel Coixet
*French film critic Jean-Michel Frodon
*Italian actor Valerio Mastandrea
*Japanese film director Shinya Tsukamoto

Corto Cortissimo

This jury will assign the Leone Citröen - Corto Cortissimo for best short, the UIP Prize for best European short and a Special Mention.
*Spanish film critic Chema Prado (Chairman)
*Italian film director Giovanna Gagliardo
*Swiss film director Clemens Klopfenstein

Luigi De Laurentiis Award

A contest that examines all feature-length films that are first works present in the various sections of the 62nd Film Festival. This jury will assign the Lion of the Future - Luigi De Laurentiis prize for best first work (Leone del Futuro - Premio Venezia Opera Prima Luigi De Laurentiis) to a single winner, as well as Euro 100,000 put forward by Filmauro and 20,000 metres of film stock offered by Kodak.
*Canadian film director Guy Maddin (Chairman)
*British film historian Peter Cowie
*Italian actress Isabella Ferrari
*French film director Ismaël Ferroukhi
*Russian actress and scriptwriter Renata Litvinova

Main sections

In competition

Competitive section of films running for the Golden Lion. An international competition comprising a maximum of 20 feature films in 35mm and digital HD format.

*"La Seconda Notte di Nozze" by Pupi Avati (Italy)
*"O Fatalista" by João Botelho (Portugal/France)
*"Vers Le Sud" by Laurent Cantet (France/Canada)
*"Gabrielle" by Patrice Chéreau (France/Italy)
*"Good Night, and Good Luck" by George Clooney (USA)
*"The Beast in the Heart" by Cristina Comencini (Italy)
*"I Giorni dell'Abbandono" by Roberto Faenza (Italy)
*"Mary" by Abel Ferrara (Italy/USA)
*"Les Amants Réguliers" by Philippe Garrel (France/Italy)
*"Garpastum" by Aleksey German Jr (Russia)
*"The Brothers Grimm" by Terry Gilliam (UK)
*"Everlasting Regret" by Stanley Kwan (China/Hong Kong)
*"Brokeback Mountain" by Ang Lee (Canada)
*"Proof" by John Madden (UK/USA)
*"The Constant Gardener" by Fernando Mereilles (UK/Kenya/Germany)
*"Espelho Magico" by Manoel de Oliveira (Portugal)
*"Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" by Park Chan-wook (Korea)
*"Romance and Cigarettes" by John Turturro (USA)
*"Persona Non Grata" by Krzysztof Zanussi (Poland/Russia/Italy)
*"Takeshis'" by Takeshi Kitano (Japan)

Out of competition

Non-competitive section of highly spectacular films. Works by directors already established in past editions of the Festival, and films deemed appropriate for a midnight screening.
*"Fragile" by Jaime Balaguero (Spain)
*"Backstage" by Emmanuelle Bercot (France)
*"Corpse Bride" by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson (UK)
*"Perhaps Love" by Peter Ho-sun Chan (China/Hong Kong)
*"All the Invisible Children" by Mehdi Charef, Emir Kusturica, Spike Lee, Kátia Lund, Jordan Scott, Ridley Scott, Stefano Veneruso, John Woo (Italy)
*"Elizabethtown" by Cameron Crowe, (USA)
*"The Exorcism of Emily Rose" by Scott Derrickson (USA)
*"Edmond" by Stuart Gordon (USA)
*"Casanova" by Lasse Hallstrom (USA)
*"Cinderella Man" by Ron Howard (USA)
*"The Fine Art of Love-Mine Haha" by John Irvin (Italy/Czech Republic/UK)
*"Initial D" by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak (Hong Kong)
*"The Descent" by Neil Marshall (UK)
*"Yokai Daisenso" by Takashi Miike (Japan)
*"Final Fantasy VII Advent Children" by Tetsuya Nomura (Japan)
*"Le Parfum de la dame en noir" by Bruno Podalydes (France)
*"Four Brothers" by John Singleton (USA)
*"Bubble" by Steven Soderbergh (USA)
*"Seven Swords" by Tsui Hark (China/Hong Kong)

pecial event

Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese animated filmmaker – Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement
*"Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind" (1984) (animation) (Japan)
*"Porco Rosso" (1992) (animation) (Japan)
*"On Your Mark" (1995) (animation) (Japan)


A section aiming to provide a picture of the new trends in cinema. Documentaries are now included in this section, in order to render the programme more legible and avoid any confusion between different rich and complex sections.
*"Drawing Restraint 9" by Matthew Barney (USA)
*"Musikanten" by Franco Battiato (Italy)
*"Pervye Na Lune" (documentary), by Aleksey Fedortchenko (Russia)
*"Arido Movie" by Lirio Ferreira (Brazil)
*"Workingman's Death" (documentary), by Michael Glawogger (Austria/Germany)
*"Die Große Stille" (documentary), by Philip Gröning (Germany)
*"The Wild Blue Yonder" (documentary), by Werner Herzog (Germany/UK/France)
*"Vokaldy Paralelder" (documentary), by Rustam Khamdamov (Kazakhistan)
*"Yolda" by Erden Kiral (Turkey/Bulgaria)
*"East of Paradise" (documentary), by Lech Kowalski (France)
*"Hongyan" (Au fil de l'eau), by Li Yu (China/France)
*"Carmen" by Jean-Pierre Limosin (France)
*"Veruschka – (m)ein inszenierter Körper" by Paul Morrissey and Bernd Böhm (France)
*"Wuqiong dong" by Ning Ying (China)
*"Texas" by Fausto Paravidino (Italy)
*"Everything is Illuminated" by Liev Schreiber (USA)
*"La Dignidad de los Nadies Armado" (documentary) by Fernando E. Solanas (Argentina)

Out of competition

*"The Secret Life of Words" by Isabel Coixet (Spain)

pecial Event

*"Kill Gil(Vol.I) " by Gil Rossellini (Italy)

Corto Cortissimo

An international competition of short films in 35mm, whose length does not exceed 30 minutes.

In competition

*"113" by Jason Brandenberg (Switzerland) 19'
*"Contracuerpo" by Eduardo Chapero-Jackson (Spain) 17'
*"A case of you" by Jack Davies (UK) 18'
*"The Mechanicals" by Leon Ford (Australia) 8'
*"Au Petit Matin" by Xavier Gens (France) 15'
*"Come on Strange" by Gabriela Gruber (Germany) 4'
*"Happy Birthday" by Jun-won Hong (Korea) 20'
*"Ballada" by Marcell Iványi (Hungary/Belgium) 12'
*"Butterflies" by Max Jacoby (Luxembourg) 12'
*"Tube Poker" by Simon Levene (UK) 15'
*"Small Station" by Lin Chien Ping (Taiwan) 30'
*"Trevirgolaottantasette" by Valerio Mastandrea (Italy) 12'
*"Giorno 122" by Fulvio Ottaviano (Italy) 22'
*"Da ikhos dghech chveni dghe dghegrdzeli" by Georgy Paradzanov (Russia) 22'
*"P.E.O.Z." by Christo Petrou (Greece) 11'
*"Layla Afel" by Leon Prudovsky (Israel) 30'
*"Flesh" by Edouard Salier (France) 9'
*"A rapariga da mão morta" by Alberto Seixas Santos (Portugal) 16'
*"Rien d'insoluble" by Xavier Seron (Belgium) 15'
*"The Glass Beads" by Angeles Woo (USA) 9'
*"La Apertura" by Duska Zagorac (UK/Argentina) 22'

Out of competition

*"De Glauber para Jirges" by André Ristum (Brasil) 16'

pecial events

Crossings (Incroci)
*"La Trama di Amleto" by Salvatore Chiosi (Italy) 20'
*"Compleanno" by Sandro Dionisio (Italy) 22'
*"Five Minutes, Mr Welles" by Vincent D'Onofrio (USA) 32'
*"Naufragi di Don Chisciotte" by Dominick Tambasco (Italy) 30'

Between Europe and Middle East
*"Quelques miettes pour les oiseaux" by Nassim Amaouche (Belgium/France/Jordan) 27'
*"De quelle couleur sont les murs de votre maison?" by Timon Koulmasis (France) 18'
*"Diaspora" by Ula Tabari (France/Belgium/Palestine) 16'

Schools of cinema

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Scuola Nazionale di Cinema
*"Un posto libero" by Eros Achiardi (Italy) 32'
*"Nature" (Italy) 35'
**"Manichini" by Marco Danieli
**"Al buio" by Fabio Mollo
**"Consuelo" by Carlo Pisani

London Film School
*"Vado a messa" by Ginevra Elkann (UK) 9'


Venezia 62

* Golden Lion for Best Film: "Brokeback Mountain" by Ang Lee
* Silver Lion for Best Director: "Les Amants Réguliers" by Philippe Garrel
* Jury Special Prize: "Mary" by Abel Ferrara
* Coppa Volpi for Best Actor: David Strathairn in "Good Night, and Good Luck" by George Clooney
* Coppa Volpi for Best Actress: Giovanna Mezzogiorno in "La bestia nel cuore" by Cristina Comencini
* Osella for an Outstanding Technical Contribution: William Lubtchansky for the photography in "Les Amants Réguliers"
* Osella for Best Screenplay: George Clooney and Grant Heslov for "Good Night, and Good Luck"
* "Marcello Mastroianni" Award for Best Young Actor or Actress: Ménothy Cesar in "Vers le sud"
* Special Lion for her work as a whole: Isabelle Huppert


* Horizons Prize: "East of Paradise" by Lech Kowalski
* Horizons Documentary Prize: "Pervye na lune" (The First On The Moon) by Aleksey Fedortchenko

"Luigi De Laurentiis" Award for a First Feature

* Lion of the Future - "Luigi De Laurentiis" Venice Award for a First Feature: "13 Tzameti" by Gela Babluani

Corto Cortissimo

* Citroen Short Super-Short Lion for Best Short Film: "Xiaozhan" (Small Station) by Lin Chien-ping
** Special Mention: "Layla Afel" by Leon Prudovsky
* UIP Prize for Best European Short Film: "Butterflies" by Max Jacoby

Retrospective sections

The Secret History of Asian Cinema

"The Secret History of Chinese Cinema" is a retrospective section on Chinese film (1934 to 1990).
*"Dalu" (1934) by Sun Yu
*"Taoli jie" (1934) by Ying Yunwei
*"Xin nüxing" (1935) by Cai Chusheng
*"Malu tianshi" (1937) by Yuan Muzhi
*"Shizi jietou" (1937) by Shen Xiling
*"Yeban gesheng" (1937) by Ma-Xu Weibang
*"Tieshan gongzhu" (1941) by Wan Laiming and Wan Guchan
*"Xiaocheng zhi chun" (1947) by Fei Mu
*"Wuya yu maque" (1949) by Zheng Junli
*"San Mao liulang ji" (1949-50) by Zhao Ming and Yan Gong
*"Wo zhe yibeizi" (1949-50) by Shi Hui
*"Wutai jiemei" (1965) by Xie Jin
*"Zhonglie tu" (1975) by King Hu
*"Yige he bage" (1983) by Zhang Junzhao
*"Mama" (1990) by Zhang Yuan"The Secret History of Japanese Cinema" is a retrospective section on Japanese film (1926 to 1978).
*"Chokon" (1926) by Daisuke Ito
*"Chuji tabi nikki" (1927) by Daisuke Ito
*"Oatsurae Jirokichi koshi" (1931) by Daisuke Ito
*"Tange Sazen yowa – Hyakuman ryo no tsubo" (1935) by Sadao Yamanaka
*"Kouchiyama Soshun" (1936) by Sadao Yamanaka
*"Ninjo kamifusen" (1937) by Sadao Yamanaka
*"Enoken no gambari senjutsu" (1939) by Nobuo Nakagawa
*"Genroku Chusingura" (1941-1942) by Kenji Mizoguchi
*"Meito Bijomaru" (1945) by Kenji Mizoguchi
*"Sanjusangendo toshiya monogatari" (1945) by Mikio Naruse
*"Yokihi" (1955) by Kenji Mizoguchi
*"Dokufu Takahashi Oden" (1958) by Nobuo Nakagawa
*"Tōkaidō Yotsuya kaidan" (1959) by Nobuo Nakagawa
*"Kutabare gurentai" (1960) by Seijun Suzuki
*"Akumyo" (1961) by Tokuzo Tanaka
*"Hakuchu no buraikan" (1961) by Kinji Fukasaku
*"Zatoichi monogatari" (1962) by Kenji Misumi
*"Tantei jimusho 23 – Kutabare akutodomo" (1963) by Seijun Suzuki
*"Dai satsujin" (1964) by Eiichi Kudo
*"Hana to doto" (1964) by Seijun Suzuki
*"Mushuku mono" (1964) by Kenji Misumi
*"Nihon kyokaku den" (1964) by Masahiro Makino
*"Ookami to buta to ningen" (1964) by Kinji Fukasaku
*"Oretachi no chi ga yurusanai" (1964) by Seijun Suzuki
*"Zatoichi kessho-tabi" (1964) by Kenji Misumi
*"Meiji kyokaku den – Sandaime shumei" (1965) by Tai Kato
*"Kutsukake Tokijiro - Yukyo ippiki" (1966) by Tai Kato
*"Hibotan bakuto - Hanafuda shobu" (1969) by Tai Kato
*"Nihon boryokudan – Kumicho" (1969) by Kinji Fukasaku
*"Hibotan bakuto - Oryu sanjo" (1970) by Tai Kato
*"Bakuto gaijin butai" (1971) by Kinji Fukasaku
*"Gendai yakuza - Hitokiri yota" (1972) by Kinji Fukasaku
*"Jingi naki tatakai" (1973) by Kinji Fukasaku
*"Jingi no hakaba" (1975) by Kinji Fukasaku
*"Kenkei tai soshiki boryoku" (1975) by Kinji Fukasaku
*"Yakuza no hakaba – Kuchinashi no hana" (1976) by Kinji Fukasaku
*"Yagyu ichizoku no inbo" (1978) by Kinji Fukasaku

The Secret History of Italian Cinema/2

a retrospective section on Italian film (1946 to 1976).

Casanova on the screen
*"Il cavaliere misterioso" (1948) by Riccardo Freda
*"Le avventure di Giacomo Casanova" (1955) by Steno (restored version)
*"Infanzia, vocazioni, prime esperienze di Giacomo Casanova, veneziano" (1969) by Luigi Comencini
*"Il Casanova di Federico Fellini" (1976) by Federico Fellini (restored version)Homage to Fulvio Lucisano
*"Terrore nello spazio" (1965) by Mario Bava (restored version)
*"Le spie vengono dal semifreddo" (1966) by Mario Bava (restored version)
*"Cosa avete fatto a Solange?" (1972) by Massimo Dallamano (restored version)
*"Il medaglione insanguinato" (1975) by Massimo Dallamano (restored version)
*"Un mondo perfetto" (an anthology of film) by Nino Pagot (1946-1957) and Gibba Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975)
*"Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma" (1975) by Pier Paolo Pasolini (restored version)
*"Banditi a Orgosolo" (1961) by Vittorio De Seta (restored version)

ee also

*Venice Film Festival

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