Cirrostratus cloud

Cirrostratus cloud
Cirrostratus fibratus
Cirrostratus fibratus
Abbreviation Cs
Genus Cirrus- "curl of hair" and
-stratus "layered"
Altitude Above 6000 m
(Above 20,000 ft)
Classification Family A (High-level)
Appearance white veil
Precipitation cloud? No, but may signify approaching rain
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Cirrostratus play /ˌsɪrˈstrɑːtəs/ clouds are thin, generally uniform clouds, composed of ice-crystals. They are difficult to detect and capable of forming halos the cloud takes the form of thin cirrostratus nebulosus and have a fibrous texture with no haloes if it is thicker cirrostratus fibratus. On the approach of a frontal system, the cirrostratus often begins as nebulosus and turns to fibratus. Cirrostratus is usually located above 5.5 km (18,000 ft). Its presence indicates a large amount of moisture in the upper atmosphere.[1] Cirrostratus clouds sometimes signal the beginning of a warm front and thus may be signs that precipitation might follow in the next 12 to 24 hours [2]. Cumulus humilis or stratocumulus clouds are often found below cirrostratus formations, this being due to the stable air associated with cirrostratus creating an inversion and restricting convection, causing cumuloform clouds to become flattened.

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