Infobox Weapon|is_vehicle=yes
name=BVP LOV-1

type=Armoured personnel carrier
origin= flagcountry|Croatia
length=5,89 meters
width=2.36 meters
height=2.10 meters
weight=8.800 kg
suspension=torsion bar
speed=85 km/h on land
vehicle_range= 500 km
primary_armament=12,7mm M2_Browning_machine_gun
1000 rounds
armour=Aluminum/Aluminum oxide/Titanium boride
engine= Torpedo BT6L 912S (diesel)
crew=2 + 8
engine_power= 97 kW (132 hp)
pw_ratio= 15.0 hp/tonne
The LOV-1 is an armoured personnel carrier currently in use with the Croatian army.


During the Croatian War of Independence, the Croatian army lacked proper light armoured personnel carrier. The Croatian Minsitry of Defense asked local firms to provide a solution for a light, fast and reliable armoured personnel carrier which could be produced quickly and in large quantities, without the need to import parts from abroad due to the UN Arms embargo which was imposed on Croatia at the time.

A local firm from Rijeka developed a basic armoured personnel carrier based on the HV 4x4 TK-130 T-7 military truck. The Army ordered 50 LOV-1 vehicles in 1993/94, with the first vehicle being delivered in late 1994.

A total of 72 vehicles were manufactured in various configurations, today only 45 vehicles remain.

There are long term plans to replace the LOV-1 with Patria AMV and Iveco LMV counterparts, but the LOV-1 is currently set to remain in service with the Croatian Army for the short term. [http://naoruzanje.paracin.co.yu/lov.html]


*LOV-Z - Reconnaissance and scout vehicle armed with a 20mm RT-20 heavy sniper rifle and M79_Rocket_Launcher ATGM
*LOV-ABK - Nuclear and Biological vehicle
*LOV-RAK 24/128 mm - Equipped with a light RAK 24 128mm Multiple Launch Rocket System MLRS and M2_Browning_machine_gun.
*LOV-UP1 - Artillery observer vehicle responsible for directing artillery fire and spotting enemy artillery positions, vehicle is equipped with GPS and LLLTV, Thermal viewing camera, laser range finder, and ground artillery radar.
*LOV-UP2 - Artillery command vehicle.
*LOV-ED - Electronic warfare vehicle.

Combat history

The LOV-1 saw action in the Croatian War of Independence, particularly in Operations Flash and Storm.



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