Play Along Toys

Play Along Toys is Florida-based toy company, a wholly owned division of Jakks Pacific.

In 1999, the founders of Play Along chose the Britney Spears Doll line as the first licensing venture with their new company, the choice proving a success and followed by other celebrity dolls including Aaron Carter, Venus Williams, Serena Williams and Mandy Moore. In 2001 Play Along partnered with toy design studio Art Asylum for production of the studio's toys. Then, in 2002, Play Along decided to bring back one of the plush doll lines of the 1980s, the Care Bears. This brand, for which Play Along was awarded "License of the Year 2002" by the Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association (LIMA).

As the company's toy lines continued to grow, so did the Play Along team, having grown from a staff of five into a company with more than 100 employees, both in the U.S. and Hong Kong, producing toys for multiple brands including the Care Bears, THE DOG, The Lord of the Rings: Armies of Middle-earth, The Cat in the Hat, Teletubbies, Curly Q's, Doodle Bear, Sky Dancers and the Cabbage Patch Kids.

The success of the company and its licenses made it an attractive target for others, with Jakks Pacific buying the privately owned company in 2004, Play Along now run as a division within Jakks.

In Fall of 2007, Play Along released dolls and playsets based on Disney Channel TV series, Hannah Montana, and movie, the Cheetah Girls. The lines were very popular during the Christmas season. As of Fall 2008, more products have been added on to the Hannah Montana line, includeing singing and talking dolls and the Malibu Beach House playset, and dolls based on the Disney Channel movie, Camp Rock were launched. Dolls of the Cheetah Girls have been discontinued


Current Products

* Barney(2008- Present)
* Cabbage Patch Kids (2004- Present)
* Camp Rock Dolls (2008- Present)
* Care Bears(2002- Present)
* Cheetah Girls Dolls(2007)
* ""(2008- Present)
* Clifford(2008- Present)
* Curious George(2008- Present)
* Domo(2006- Present)
* Doodle Bear/Doodle Monster (2004-2008)
* Hannah Montana Dolls (2007- Present)
* Hairspray Dolls (2007)
* "The Lord of the Rings" (2004)
* Miffy(2008- Present)
* Nascar(2008- Present)
* Play Along Club (2007)
* Puppy in My Pocket(2006- Present)
* Speed Stacks(2006- 2008)
* SpongeBob SquarePants(2008- Present)
* Sweet Secrets(2007- 2008)
* Taylor Swift Doll(2008-Present)
* Teletubbies(2008- Present)
* The Wiggles(2008- Present)

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