San Marino at the 2005 Mediterranean Games

Infobox Country at the Mediterranean Games
games = 2005 Almería, Spain
summergold = 0
summersilver = 1
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totalrank = 18

San Marino (SMR) competed at the 2005 Mediterranean Games in Almería, Spain. The nation had a total number of 33 participants (28 men and 5 women).



*Women's Tr
Daniela Del Din

Results by event

*Men's Competition :*Alfredo Tabarini and Francesco Tabarini

*Men's Doubles :*Fernando Chiaruzzi:*Alfredo Mazza

*Men's Triples :*Corrado Albani:*Fernando Chiaruzzi:*Alfredo Mazza

*Individual Jumping :*Tommaso Lonfernini

*Men's Individual:*Fabio Grossi

*Men's 10m Air Pistol:*Mirko Bugli

*Men's 50m Rifle Prone:*Federico Volpini

*Men's Skeet:*Moreno Benedettini

*Men's Trap:*Francesco Amici:*Alfio Tomassoni

*Men's Double Trap:*Maurizio Zonzini

*Women's 10m Air Pistol:*Nadia Marchi

*Women's 10m Air Rifle:*Erika Ghiotti

*Women's Trap:*Daniela Del Din:*Emanuela Felici

*Men's 100m Freestyle:* Emanuele Nicolini

*Men's 200m Freestyle:* Emanuele Nicolini

*Men's 400m Freestyle:* Emanuele Nicolini

*Men's 1500m Freestyle:* Emanuele Nicolini

*Men's 200m Butterfly:* Emanuele Nicolini

*Women's 100m Freestyle:* Simona Muccioli

*Women's 400m Freestyle:* Simona Muccioli

*Women's 800m Freestyle:* Simona Muccioli

*Women's 200m Butterfly:* Simona Muccioli

*Men's Singles:*William Forcellini:*Domenico Vicini

*Men's Doubles:*William Forcellini and Domenico Vicini

*Men's Team Competition:*Luca de Luigi :*Alessandro Della Balda :*Leonardo Gennari :*Simone Giorgetti:*Valerio Guagnelli :*Elia Lazzarini :*Enrico Morganti:*Davide Righi:*Ivan Stefanelli :*Francesco Tabarini:*Davide Tini :*Lino Zonzini

ee also

* San Marino at the 2004 Summer Olympics
* San Marino at the 2008 Summer Olympics


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* ['en' juegosmediterraneos]

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