Gemma may refer to one of several things;

Physical and life sciences

* A traditional name for the star Alpha Coronae Borealis.
* A gemma, an asexual reproductive structure in plants and fungi.
* A genus of clam ("Gemma") in the family Veneridae; see amethyst gem clam.
* Gas phase Electrophoretic Mobility Molecular Analysis (GEMMA), which produces a beam of multiply charged ions by electrospray ionization and transforms them into singly charged ions or neutral particles, separates these particles according to electrophoretic mobility, and records the particle count at each EM.
* [ Gemma] is a database and software system for the meta-analysis of gene expression data

The given name or surname of famous men

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*Gemma Frisius (1508–1555), a Frisian mathematician, cartographer and instrument maker.
*Giuliano Gemma (1938–), an Italian actor, also known from several Spaghetti Westerns as Montgomery Wood.

The given name of famous women

Gemma is a female given name, of Italian origin, relatively popular in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

* Gemma Arterton, an English actress
* Gemma Atkinson, an English actress and model
* Gemma Beadsworth, an Australian water polo player
* Gemma Bond, American Ballet Theatre dancer and from first soloist at the Royal Ballet, London
* Gemma Craven, an Irish actress
* Saint Gemma Galgani, a young Italian woman who showed signs of stigmata in the late 1800s/very early 1900s, known as the first lay saint of the Passionists
* Gemma Hayes, Irish singer-songwriter
* Gemma Jones, English actress
* Gemma Ward, an Australian supermodel

The name of fictional characters and titles

* The name of one of the characters in the children's Hospital Radio series "The Space Gypsy Adventures", narrated by John Leeson.
* Gemma of Syr, Princess of Ossetia, is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's "Dragon Prince" series.
* Gemma Doyle, heroine of Libba Bray's novels "A Great and Terrible Beauty", "Rebel Angels", and "The Sweet Far Thing".
* Gemma, (gemmers19), a fictional girl in the Lonelygirl15 universe.
*Gemma, first series of the Sky One UK supernatural Television series "Hex"
* "Gemma (ballet)" with libretto by Théophile Gautier (1851)

Works of fiction

*"Losing Gemma", a 2006 UK television drama based on a novel by Katy Gardner.

See also

* Jemma__NOTOC__

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