VIN etching

VIN etching

VIN etching is a countermeasure to motor vehicle theft. It most commonly involves the use of a stencil and glass etching paste to etch a vehicle's vehicle identification number (VIN) onto the windshield and windows. Thieves would need to replace the glass before selling the stolen vehicle, thus reducing or eliminating their profit.

Most parts on a vehicle have at least a partial VIN stamped onto them, and many auto parts buyers will not buy parts that have identification numbers. Should a thief try to sell the parts from a vehicle for profit, those stamped parts carry a higher risk for both the thief and the disreputable auto parts seller. Since the glass has no identification number, and is often readily interchangeable with many different years and models of vehicle, there is often a much greater profit for the thief compared to other components on the vehicle.

VIN Etching is recommended by police and insurance agencies.who|date=September 2008

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* [ AAA of AZ Theft Deterrent Tips (including VIN etching)]

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