Alexida (Ancient Greek: polytonic|Ἀλεξίδη) was a daughter of Amphiaraus, from whom certain divinities called "Elasii" (in Greek, "Elasioi" or polytonic|Ἐλάσιοι, i. e. the averters of epileptic fits) were believed to be descended. [Plutarch, "Quaest. Gr." 23] cite encyclopedia | last = Schmitz | first = Leonhard | authorlink = | title = Alexicles | editor = William Smith | encyclopedia = Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology | volume = 1 | pages = 128 | publisher = Little, Brown and Company | location = Boston | year = 1867 | url =;cc=moa;idno=acl3129.0001.001;q1=demosthenes;size=l;frm=frameset;seq=143]


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