Harshavarman I

Harshavarman I (910-923)

After the death of Yasovarman I, he was succeeded by his two sons. They came to power in quick successions and then disappeared as quickly. The Khmer Empire seemed to disintegrate quickly after the death of their father. His elder son, Harshavarman I, came to power first in 910 and continued to rule at the capital city of Yashodharapura. The two brothers were involved in a power struggle with their maternal uncle, Jayavarman IV. The uncle was eventually driven out of Angkor to setup his own capital about 100 km away. [Briggs, "The Ancient Khmer Empire" p. 115 ] Nothing else is known about Harshavarman except that he constructed a small temple-mountain of Baksei Chamkrong at the foot of Phnom Bakheng which he dedicated to his parents. He died in 923 and was succeeded by his younger brother, Ishanavarman II.



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