The Human Resistance

The Human Resistance is a fictional organization of humans who survived the Skynet bombings. The Human Resistance is head by John Connor. The Human Resistance may also be heard as "The Resistance", and the fighters called the "Resistance Fighters".

name = Terminator
title = The "Terminator" series
titlestyle=background: #CCCCCC;
groupstyle=background: #CCCCCC;
group1 = Films
list1 = "The Terminator" (1984) ' (1991) ' (2003) "Terminator Salvation" (2009)

group2 = Other media
list2 = ' (1996) ' (2007 onwards) Books Comics Games

group3 = Characters
list3 = "The Terminator"Kate Brewster Sarah Connor John Connor Miles Dyson James Ellison Cameron Phillips Kyle Reese Dr. Peter Silberman Marcus Wright Derek Reese Skynet

group4 = Terminators
list4 = T-1 T-600 T-800/850/Model 101/"The Terminator" T-888 T-1000/1001/Liquid Metal Terminator T-X Cameron Phillips

group5 = Locations
list5 = Los Angeles Crystal Peak

group6 = Organizations
list6 = Cyberdyne Systems Tech-Com ZeiraCorp Skynet The Human Resistance

group7 = Cast
list7 = Arnold Schwarzenegger Linda Hamilton Michael Biehn Paul Winfield Lance Henriksen Edward Furlong Robert Patrick Nick Stahl Claire Danes Kristanna Loken Earl Boen Lena Headey Thomas Dekker Summer Glau Christian BaleRichard T. JonesBrian Austin Green Bryce Dallas Howard Sam Worthington Helena Bonham Carter Shirley MansonLeven Rambin

group8 = Crew
list8 = James Cameron Jonathan Mostow Mario Kassar Andrew G. Vajna Stan Winston Joseph "McG" McGinty Nichol

group9= Miscellaneous
list9 = "I'll be back" "Terminator" argument "You Could Be Mine"

name = The Sarah Connor Chronicles
title =""

above =

group1 = Characters
list1 = Sarah ConnorJohn ConnorCameron PhillipsJames EllisonCromartieCatherine Weaver

group2 = "Terminator" universe
T-101 • Skynet • Tech-Com

group3 = Cast
list3 = Lena Headey Thomas Dekker Summer GlauRichard T. JonesBrian Austin GreenShirley MansonLeven RambinGarret Dillahunt

group4 = Organisations
list4 = Skynet ZeiraCorp

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