Galenskaparna och After Shave

Galenskaparna och After Shave (often just "Galenskaparna") is the name of the two Swedish comedian groups Galenskaparna and After Shave from Gothenburg.
They started in comedy in 1982, and through the years it has produced nearly 28 revues, "innshows" and tours. Also they made 8 movies, 5 television programs and 30 studio albums.

Galenskaparna och After Shave has made some of the biggest movie-, tv-, song- and revuesuccess in swedish history, like the television program caled "Macken" (The mack), the movie "Hajen som visste för mycket" (The shark that knewd to much) and the revue "Stinsen brinner" (The railroad engineer is on fire).


Galenskaparna stated in 1978 and the members in that group are Anders Eriksson, his older brother Claes Eriksson and Kerstin Granlund.

After Shave started in 1979 as singers in a barbershopquartet in Chalmers University of Technology and the members are Jan Rippe ("bass"), Knut Agnred ("solo"/"tenor") and Per Fritzell ("tenor"). Peter Rangmar ("baritone") were the fourth member, but he died in 1997 in cancer ("melanoma").

Galenskaparna och After Shave started in 1982 and the members are Anders Eriksson, Claes Eriksson, Jan Rippe, Kerstin Granlund, Knut Agnred and Per Fritzell. Peter Rangmar were in everything the group did from 1982-1997.


Revues, musical theatre

*1982 "Skruven är lös"
*1983 "Träsmak"
*1985 "Cyklar" ("Biking")
*1987 "Stinsen brinner" ("The railroad engineer is on fire")
*1991 "Grisen i säcken" ("Pig in the bag")
*1992 "Skruven är lös"
*1994 "Lyckad nedfrysning av herr Moro" ("Successful freezing of Mr. Moro")
*1996 "Kanske Rödluvan" ("Mabye Little Red Riding Hood")
*1997 "Alla ska bada" ("Everyone should bath")
*2000 "Allt Möjligt" ("Everyting is possible")
*2000 "Jul Jul Jul" ("Christmas Christmas Cristmas")
*2002 "Kasinofeber" ("Kasinofever")
*2007 "C Eriksson Solo

Innshows and shows

*1987 "Kabaré Kumlin"
*1996 "Kajskjul 8"
*1996 "Åke från Åstol"
*1999 "En himla helkul kväll"
*2004 "Falkes Fondue"
*2007 "Familjen Falke"
*2007 "Cabaret Cartwright"


*1987 "Norrlandsturné" - a tour in Norrland.
*1987 "Slottsturné" - a tour in different château ruins in Sweden.
*1993 "Nå't nytt?" ("Something new?")
*1994 "Resan som blev av"
*2000 "Gladpack"
*2001 "Den gode, den onde, den fule och Rippe" - a parody/satire on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
*2004 "Det ska va gôtt å leva" ("It should be good to live")

Television program

*1983 "Jonssons onsdag" ("Jonssons wednesday") - the first television program.
*1986 "Macken" ("The mack") - one of the most popular television program in swedish history.
*1989 "En himla många program" ("A lot of programs")
*1993 "Tornado" - the group sekond most popular television program.
*2000 "Gladpack"


*1986 "The Castle Tour" - a shortmovie recording in Tjolöholms slott outside of Gothenburg.
*1987 "Leif"
*1989 "Hajen som visste för mycket" ("The shark that knewd to much")
*1990 "Macken - Roy's & Roger's Bilservice" ("The mack - Roy's and Roger's car service")
*1991 "Stinsen brinner... filmen alltså" ("The railroad engineer is on fire... The movie")
*1996 "Monopol" ("Monopoly")
*1998 "Åke från Åstol" - the sekond shortmovie recording on the island Åstol in Bohuslän.
*2006 "Den enskilde medborgaren"

External links

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* [ Lorensbergsteatern] - Galenskaparna och After Shaves theatre
* [ Kulturtuben]
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