Shay (Cutter)


Shay is Tally Youngblood's friend in the Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras Saga. She also becomes bitter toward Tally throughout the series. She lives in a world where every one has an operation at 16 to make them perfect looking, or Pretty.


In Uglies, as an ugly Shay is described as skinny with long, dark hair, full lips, and eyes that were too far apart. Later in Uglies, when Shay becomes a pretty, she is tall and elegant with copper and gold eyes. In Specials she has sharp teeth, gray-black eyes, and flash tattoos.


Shay comes into the story when Tally runs back to Uglyville from New Pretty Town. Tally first mistakes Shay for a warden and says she is sorry for sneaking into New Pretty Town. Shay also mistakes Tally for a warden and after Tally apologizes she comes closer and explains that she was afraid she was caught, too. Shay and Tally become best friends, and it becomes clear that the two would become pretty at the same time, the two having the same birthday. Shay hints that she is against the operation throughout the book, and six days before the Pretty Operation, she asks Tally to run away from her to the Smoke, a community where no one is Pretty. Tally refuses. Later Tally joins Shay st the Smoke and later accidentally sets off a signal that gives the Smokies away. Shay knows Tally gave them away and yells at Tally. She becomes Pretty first after she is captured and she is the only Pretty taken from Special Circumstances headqarters.


Shay comes into the book, Pretties when her friend, Tally is getting ready for a party. Shay pings her and comes to Tally's dorm. It is apparent that Shay has surgery regularly. When Shay comes to Tally's dorm she has Rubies in her eyes. Shay remains Tally's friend until she discovers Tally has found a Pretty Cure, that removes the lesions in her brain. She is angered by the fact that Tally has shared the cure with Zane, Tally's boyfriend. She creates her own cure by cutting herself and founds the Cutters.


In this book Shay is the leader of the Specials group caled the Cutters. She and Tally come up with a plan to make Zane special. They attack and destroy The Armory then track Zane to Diego or the New Smoke. Dr. Cable starts the Diego war and Tally and Shay stop it. The Special Wiring in Shay's Brain is removed and she currently lives in Diego, believed to be modern San Diego.


This time Shay reappears as a Special but, she has been cured from her Special personality. She is a little bit more likeable and she helps to keep Tally in line. She isn't in Extras very much but, the parts of her you do see are splendid.


Shay was in love with David, but David fell in love with Tally, causing a life-long fight between the two friends.




"Stay icy."

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