Taifa of Denia

Infobox Former Country
native_name =
conventional_long_name = Taifa of Denia
common_name = Taifa of Denia
national_motto =
continent = Europe
region = Mediterranean
country = Spain
era = Middle Ages
government_type = Monarchy
year_start = 1010/12
year_end = 1227
life_span = 1010/12 - 1076
1224 - 1227
event_start = Downfall of Caliphate of Córdoba
event1 = To Zaragoza/Tortosa/ Almoravids
date_event1 = 1076-1224
event_end = Conquered by Aragon
p1 = Caliphate_of_Cordoba
flag_p1 =
s1 = Taifa of Zaragoza
flag_s1 =
s2 = Kingdom of Aragon
flag_s2 = Estandarte de la Corona de Aragon.png

image_map_caption = Taifas in 1031. Denia is seen on the east of Spain.
capital = Denia
common_languages = Arabic, Mozarabic , Hebrew
religion = Islam, Roman Catholicism, Judaism
currency = Dirham and Dinar

In the days of Al Andalus, Denia served as the capital of a taifa kingdom, ruling over part of the Valencian coast and Ibiza. The Slavic slaves, "saqaliba", managed to free themselves and run the taifa. The Arabic word "DANIAH" دانية means low or near.


The Taifa of Denia was among the more successful taifa kingdoms. It included the Balearic Islands and also parts of the Spanish mainland. Denia was ruled by Mujahid al-Siqlabi, which probably had a Sardinian origin. He had a relatively powerful navy, which he once even used to invade his native island of Sardinia. In the end, it was, however, conquered by another successful taifa, the Taifa of Zaragoza. Denia also had another period of independence as a taifa, though it only lasted three years, from 1224 to 1227.

List of Emirs

Amirid dynasty

*Mujahid al-Muwaffaq (in Valencia 1017-1021): 1010/12-1045
*'Ali Iqbal ad-Dawla: 1045-1076
**To Zaragoza: 1060-1081 or 2/3
**To Tortosa: 1081 or 2/3-1092
**To Morocco: 1092-1224
*Abu Zayd 'Abd ar-Rahman (in Alcira, Jativa also): 1224-1227
**To Aragon thereafter...

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