Service fulfillment

Fulfillment of telecommunications services involves a series of supply chain activities responsible for assembling and making services available to subscribers. These activities delineate an operational infrastructure which efficiency relies upon its ability to allow a Communications Service Provider (CSP) to match the supply of services with demand in an economical way and with consistently high levels of quality and reliability.

To achieve these goals, the design of service fulfillment platforms take into consideration the following:

* Data Transparency – making data available across the enterprise, regardless of source, while keeping it accurate
* Process Mechanization/Automatization - completing more processes, more quickly and successfully for better business performance
* Inventory State Management - understanding the status of inventory to ensure supply will be available to meet forecast (or actual) demand
* Asset Monetization – driving enterprise valuation with the efficient use of assets


The supply chain activities in Service Fulfillment involve the following processes:

* Service design and cataloging
* Integrated inventory management
* Network configuration and capacity assignment
* Service order entry, decomposition, workflow tracking and fallout resolution
* Service order activation

Subscriber Expectations

Keeping up with increasing subscriber expectations in today’s market is not the exclusive domain of Service assurance. Service fulfillment plays a critical role as well in ensuring a “first time right” customer experience [ [ Consumer Expectations Continue to Rise, J.D. Power & Associates] ] .

Customer satisfaction in the telecommunications industry stems from adequate service provisioning, value for money, loyalty and relationship management [ [ Modeling Customer Satisfaction in Telecommunications: Assessing the Effects of Multiple Transaction Points on the Perceived Overall Performance of the Provider, The Production & Operations Management Society] ] . An efficient service fulfillment platform automates service order processing to gain speed via flowthrough capabilities and to reduce the service order fallout that results from manual processes. This is being recognized by CSPs as they increasingly look to their suppliers for help in achieving higher levels of automation [ [ OSS Observer, April 2008] ] .

Service Fulfillment Vendors

Top global service fulfillment vendors include Telcordia, Amdocs, Oracle, NetCracker and HP.


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