List of Syrian Armenians

This is a listing of some famous Armenians in Syria


*Levon Ter-Petrossian – Former President of Armenia.


*Jack Kachkar - Canadian businessman born in Syria.


*Lena Chamamyan - singer.
*Lucy Silah Sulahian - Award winning author
*Garo Gomidas – singer.
*Nazo & The Tamar Band – singer.
*Gomidas Band & Hovsep – singer.
*Vrej Sahagian – singer.
*Hayro – singer.
*Hamo – singer.
*Nazo Hadidian – bass guitar player
*Karnig Sarkissian - Armenian revolutionary songs singer.
*Bedros Hadjian - writer, journalist and educator.

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* Armenians in Syria

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