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Classroom was a video series created for the Channel 101 short film festival. "Classroom", a parody of after-school specials, left behind a legacy of five first-place episodes, and ran for thirteen screenings, becoming the longest running prime time series in Channel 101's history. It was nominated for several "Channy" awards, Channel 101's version of the Emmy award. [ [] 2006 Channy Nominations Announced]


*Mr. Miller is the well-meaning teacher of the class. He is a navy veteran and karate expert. He often discourages his kids from making bad decisions. His favorite phrase is "Drugs are a one-way ticket to nowhere." He is played by series co-creator Tyler Spiers.
*LaShanda is the slutty girl of the class. She is played first by Sarah Norton and then Drew Droege.
*Gay is a stereotypically homosexual student. He wears a pink tank-top with "Gay" written in marker across the chest. He is played by Todd Bishop, Joe Keane, Navaris Navaris, Chris Romano, Tony Janning, and Tyler Spiers.
*Jason is a vulnerable, sensitive boy who is sexually abused by his father, who fists him at night and on one occasion raped him with a baseball bat. He is played by Justin Roiland.
*Boombox is named so because he carries around a giant boombox. He acts cool but goes to ballet practice in his spare time. He is played by Channel 101 regular Abed Geith.
*Grotto is a Hispanic, cocaine-addicted student who often impregnates LaShanda, played by his real life wife, Sarah Norton. He is played by Paul Vato and Jason Palmer.
*Principal Brockway is the principal of North Central. He is played by Joe Davidson and Rob Schrab.

Mike Rose also plays a variety of parts, usually villains or child molesters.



The first episode introduces Mr. Miller, a well-meaning teacher, karate expert, and navy veteran, who decides to teach an infamously unteachable class at North Central High School, even though the last three teachers who tried have committed suicide. He finds teaching the kids difficult at first, but takes LaShanda to get an abortion and helps Jason deal with his father. He fights a drug dealer who tries to sell Grotto cocaine.


The "unteachables" are challenged to an academic decathalon. Jason reconciles with his father and Grotto saves the day by defining love as "heart."


Grotto is shot forty seven times by a gangster in a hit and run. After the police decide not to take action, Mr. Miller and the class take the law into their own hands and take revenge against the bad man. Grotto miraculously recovers from his wounds.


Boombox is invited to go to "the new Biancé movie" but opts out to secretly go to his ballet class. At the class, a famous instructor stops by and decides that Boombox will be a star. The class finds out about his newfound fame and makes fun of him, but Mr. Miller intervenes and convinces the class to accept Boombox for who he is.


Principal Brockway gambles away the school's rent money, and Mr. Miller's class decides to raise the money back.


At a field trip to the mall, Jason is coaxed into a back room by a glamour shots photographer, who dresses him as a cowboy, gives him cocaine to relax him, and then makes him take all his clothes off. Mr. Miller kills the photographer by slapping him, and saves Jason.


LaShanda starts hanging out with the popular girls, but when they force her to try bulemia, she nearly dies and decides that her class is where she belongs.


When Mr. Miller's car breaks down on the way to school, an evil substitute teacher sets some new rules in the classroom, including making Gay look at pictures of bikini-clad women (with the words "Get straight") and wiping off LaShanda's lipstick. Mr. Miller gets a ride from a would-be 7/11 robber and saves the day.


The class forces Mr. Miller to reunite with his long lost brother in a Thanksgiving special.


A mentally retarded student, Boinky, enters the class, and is at first rejected by the class. After it is revealed that Boinky's male nurse has been giving him "retarded pills," the kids open up to him.


The cool new poetry teacher abducts the class in a uHaul truck and, wearing a t-shirt that reads "I Sell Kids"," he prepares to auction them off into slavery. Mr. Miller and Principal Brockway come to the rescue disguised as a lesbian couple.


Jason builds a time machine and sends the class back to 1963, where they thwart the assassination of John F. Kennedy by overwhelming all four assassins. When they return, they learn that President Kennedy was swallowed by a whale.


In the series finale, Mr. Miller wakes up in a mental hospital, having imagined the entire classroom. It is revealed that, in the Gulf War, he could not save a fellow soldier from a horrible death, leaving him traumatized. The soldier's brother, who happens to be the psychiatrist at the hospital, euthanizes Mr. Miller, who dies humming the "Classroom" theme music.


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