Wildflower (disambiguation)

Wildflower or Wildflowers can refer to:

* Wildflower, a flower that grows wild
* Wildflower Triathlon, annual triathlon held in the Spring, central California
* Wildflower festival, a list of annual festivals at various localities for wildflowers
* Wild Flower is the name of a character in the Xbox video game "Jade Empire."
* Wildflower (rapper), a female rapper from the UK
* The Wilde Flowers, a pre-Caravan/Soft Machine band

An album:
* "Wildflower" (Sheryl Crow album), a 2005 album by Sheryl Crow
* "Wildflowers" (Judy Collins album) a 1967 album by Judy Collins
* "Wildflowers" (Tom Petty album) a 1994 album by Tom Petty
* "Wildflowers" (Jonathan Byrd album) a 2001 album by Jonathan Byrd
* "Wildflowers" (Connie Price and the Keystones album) 2004 debut album by Connie Price and the Keystones

A song:
* "Wild Flower" (composition), a jazz standard from 1965 by Wayne Shorter
* "Wildflower", a 1972 hit song by Canadian pop/rock group Skylark
* "Wildflower" (Hank Crawford song), a 1973 song by jazz musician Hank Crawford
* "Wildflower" (Sheryl Crow song), the title track song from the 2005 Sheryl Crow album
* "Wildflowers" (Dolly Parton song), a song from the 1987 album "Trio"
* "Wildflowers", the title track song from the 1994 Tom Petty album
* "Wildflowers," the title track song from the 2001 Jonathan Byrd album
* "Wild Flower," a track from The Cult's "Electric" album, as well as on their greatest hits "Pure Cult"."
* "Wildflowers", song by Bradley Joseph on the 2000 album "One Deep Breath".
* "Wildflower", song by Kasey Chambers on the 2008 album "Rattlin' Bones".

A film:
* "Wildflower", a 1914 drama by Canadian director Allan Dwan
* "Wildflower", a 1991 TV drama directed by Diane Keaton that earned a CableACE award for Patricia Arquette's portrayal of a deaf epileptic
* "", a documentary about the Wildflower Triathlon
* "Wildflowers" (film), a 1999 film starring Clea Duvall and Daryl Hannah

A musical:
* "Wildflower (musical)", a 1923 Broadway musical with music by Herbert Stothart and Vincent Youmans

By geographical region:
* "Smokies", Wildflowers of the Great Smoky Mountains
* "New England", Wildflowers of New England
* "Canadian Rockies", Wildflowers of the Canadian Rocky Mountains
* "Maryland,USA", Wildflowers of Soldiers Delight
* "San Francisco", List of San Francisco Bay Area wildflowers
* "Sonoran Desert in California and Arizona", List of Sonoran Desert wildflowers

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