House Resolution 362

House Concurrent Resolution 362 is a bill and non-binding resolution[1] in the United States House of Representatives that was introduced on May 22, 2008 by Gary Ackerman [D-NY] (for himself and Mike Pence [R-IN]). It currently has 280 cosponsors as of April 24, 2009.[2] It has gained criticism for its language suggesting a blockade of Iran.[3][4]



The bill calls for the president to impose economic sanctions on Iranian banks engaged in proliferation activities or the support of "terrorist" groups, international banks which conduct financial transactions with proscribed Iranian banks, energy companies with large investments in the Iranian petroleum or natural gas sector and on all companies which do business with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The bill was created out of fear or concern over Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program, Iran's general violence towards Israel (Ahmadinejad's words translated by some interpreters claim that Israel must be wiped off the map,[5] other translators say Ahmadineajad the president of Iran said Israel will vanish from the pages of time[6]) and Iran's support of Hezbollah and Hamas. The resolution also calls for the prohibition of all oil shipments from Iran extremely so to demand "the imposition of stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran".[7] Some critics of the bill call it the Iran war resolution since the resolution hints of blockading Iran's ports (blockade is a signature of war.)[8][9] Analysts speculate if such a blockade were to be initiated by the United States it probably be at the Straits of Hormuz.[10] If this bill is passed and followed oil prices should rise (due to supply being cut).

Criticism and support

Some political groups that oppose this bill include J Street, Americans for Peace Now and the National Iranian American Council.[11] On June 28, 2008, Ron Paul criticized the bill in front of the US House of Representatives and said "The fear is, they say, maybe someday Iran is going to get a nuclear weapon, even though our own CIA's National Intelligence Estimate has said that the Iranians have not been working on a nuclear weapon since 2003. They say they're enriching uranium, but they have no evidence whatsoever that they're enriching uranium for weapons purposes. They may well be enriching uranium for peaceful purposes, and that is perfectly legal".[12] It might be interesting to note the bills supporters are neither predominantly Democrat or Republican.[13] This bill also has a "sister resolution", Resolution 580, introduced on June 2, 2008, that is similar but asserts "that nothing in this resolution shall be construed to authorize the use of force against Iran". The sister resolution also drops Resolution 362's blockade language.[14][15] As of January 16, 2009, Resolution 580 has 51 cosponsors.[16] Although the number of cosponsors of Resolution 362 in the House of Representatives has grown since the bill's creation, several representatives have removed their support citing fear that the bill may condone violence against Iran.[17]


Concurrent House Resolution 362 was referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on the day it was introduced.

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