Charles Karel Bouley

Charles Karel Bouley
Charles Karel Bouley II
Born November 7, 1962 (1962-11-07) (age 49)
Miami Beach, Florida
Nationality American
Occupation Talk Radio Host, Author, Entertainer, Singer [1]
Known for Political and social commentary; Comedy; Journalist; Celebrity Photographer

Charles Karel Bouley, known on-the-air as Karel, is an American talk radio host and author. Bouley is best known[2] for his highly rated[3] work on KGO in San Francisco, California. Prior to working for KGO the first time, Bouley and his late partner, Andrew Howard, were the first openly Gay radio talk show hosts on the #1 Talk Station in the Country, KFI in Los Angeles.[4] He became notorious for his use of profanity during the ABC Network News at the top of the hour, when listeners could clearly hear Karel, along with the newscaster, and Bouley was fired by management the next week.[5]

Less than three years later, after he independently syndicated his own show, he has returned to KGO to fill his former weekend 7 p.m. time slot. "Our listeners have been asking for Karel for nearly three years," said KGO's general manager. "Karel is a larger-than-life personality. Our audience loves him and missed him and we're very excited to welcome him back into KGO family."[5]

"Bouley is a high profile blogger[3] for The Huffington Post,[6] and his editorials have appeared in the Wall Street Journal.[7] He was also editor and a columnist for The, and Billboard Magazine.[8]



Charles Raymond Bouley, II was born November 7, 1962, in Miami Beach Florida,[9] to Charles Raymond Bouley (1929-1987)[10] and Rose Marie (née Tremblay) Bouley (1930-2003).[11] He has been an entertainer since childhood, emceeing his first event in 7th grade, the talent show, "Car Wash", at his junior high school.[12] While attending Long Beach Poly High School, Bouley was editor of the high school's newspaper, "High Life." [12] As a member of the press through his involvement with the paper, he was able to be included on press-only lists for premieres and openings in the Los Angeles area. With this type of press access, Bouley began attending stage productions and writing reviews of the shows for publication in his school and community newspapers. Unable to afford tickets to movies, he became an usher at the Long Beach Terrace Theatre so he could review the new releases.[12]

He attended University of Southern California on scholarship where he majored in music journalism. Eventually, Bouley went on to work for Billboard Magazine; his affiliation with the publication gave him access to music concerts and after-concert parties.[12]

Before radio

Before his radio career began in the late 1990s, Karel was a stand-up comic and recording artist. While getting very little attention from the GLBT press,[13] his 1995 album, "Dance ... Or Else," attracted critical notice in the mainstream press, it was named #10 pick-of-the-year by "Billboard"'s Dance Music editor Larry Flick.[14][15] Karel later recorded the single "Don't Stop" with Steve Bronski and the single "I Am" with Jellybean Benitez as well as "Take Your Heartache Away" also on the Jellybean label. Many projects featured Thea Austin, a personal friend of Karel and former lead singer of Snap!!.[16][17] Bouley also owned a graphic arts company and worked as a celebrity photographer, imaging celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.[18]

Radio talk show host


Bouley, along with his domestic partner, Andrew Howard, started in radio at KYPA Los Angeles in addition to Triangle Broadcasting based in Palm Springs, California. For the latter, the duo hosted a morning program, "Good Morning Gay America".[19]

Professionally known as "Karel and Andrew", Bouley and Howard became the first openly gay radio talk-show hosts on a U.S. major-market radio station in 1998.[20] Hired for the afternoon drive slot at Los Angeles' KFI, the duo replaced KFI mainstays John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou.[21] "I'm sure there are a million gay [radio] hosts, but not many of them are open, and no one had ever appeared on the air as a gay couple," said Ron Rodrigues, editor-in-chief of Radio & Records magazine. " The backbone of their on-air banter was their contrasting world views. Bouley, who dominated the conversation, could be stopped in his tracks with one, well-placed word from Howard".[22] Al Peterson, an editor at Radio & Records magazine said, "They didn't feel like it was their job to be the poster boys for the gay community or to effect social change, just because they were the first openly gay hosts who were partners off the air."[22]

In March 2000, however, "Karel & Andrew" were bumped from the afternoon-drive slot into the evening-drive slot, being replaced by the nationally syndicated Phil Hendrie Show. According to Howard, the move was made to accommodate Hendrie's live-broadcast in order for it to be heard on the East Coast by that primetime listening audience.[20] After twenty-two months on KFI, the "Karel and Andrew Show" was replaced by Phil Hendrie in May 2001, and rival hosts Kobylt and Chiampou were again put into the afternoon-drive slot.[23] David G. Hall, KFI's Director of Syndication, was quoted at the time of the change as saying "KFI might still find a spot" for "The Karel & Andrew Show," stressing that the team "haven't been terminated."[23] The station's programmers said they were preparing to return "Karel & Andrew" to the airwaves by putting their show on another Clear Channel station.[24]

Andrew Howard's sudden death from cardiac arrest on May 21, 2001, changed that course .[21] Following his partner's death, Bouley returned to KFI and hosted a talk show there until he was fired by station management in April 2002.[25] Seven months later, Bouley was hired as an on-air host by the most successful San Francisco radio station, KGO, for the weekend evening time slot.[26]

Other media

Bouley has appeared on television, having completed two seasons on TNN's Ultimate Revenge with Ryan Seacrest. He also wrote and directed a 60-second spot, Barbarians At The Gate of Our Future, which won second place in the GLAAD "I Do" Marriage Equality project. Bouley has been a fill-in host on the Bill Press radio talk show and has also appeared as a guest commentator on topical issues on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. He has appeared as a frequent guest on TV and radio as a Macintosh Computer expert. On August 4, 2010, Karel appeared on the nationally syndicated Alan Colmes Show to discuss that day's controversial decision to overturn California's Proposition 8, allowing equal rights for marriage. The next day, Colmes appeared on The Karel Show, referring to him as a "trailblazer" for the rights of gay citizens.[27]


In 2004, Bouley authored a book of essays titled, You Can't Say That. In this well-titled book, he never holds back in speaking frankly about a wide range of topics. The book was published by the LGBT publishing house, Alyson Press.[28][29] Karel also contributed to "When I Knew" by Robert Trachtenberg, stories of "coming out" directed at Gay and Lesbian youth.[30]

Bouley's new book, Shouting at Windmills, BS From Bush to Obama was released in June 2011, and is in bookstores as of July 1,[31] and kindle. This wide-ranging book of essays chronicles the end of the Bush Era and Obama to the Present. It also reveals what life is like after a very public firing and puts the "Joe the Plumber" issue to rest. [32]

Appellate court battle

Following the untimely death of his domestic partner, Andrew Howard, in 2001, "Charles Karel Bouley II" went on to file and win a lawsuit in the Court of Appeal of the State of California in Los Angeles County to establish the rights of domestic partners to be recognized as such and giving them the right to sue for wrongful death: AB 25 of 2005, the "California Domestic Partnership Law" This court victory effectively changed the wrongful death laws in California for domestic partners, as well as making them retroactive.[33][34] In signing the AB 25, Governor Schwarzenegger wrote: "This about civil rights, respect, responsibility, and, most of all,it is about family. Therefore, I am honored to sign one of the strongest domestic partner laws in the nation."


  • In November 2008,when Bouley was hosting his weekend 7–10 p.m. call-in program on KGO the sound engineer failed to mute Bouley's microphone during the national news break. When a reference to Joe the Plumber came up during the news, Bouley was clearly heard on-air to yell: "Fuck goddamn Joe the goddamn mother-fucking Plumber! I want mother-fucking Joe the Plumber dead!"[35] Following the news break, Bouley profusely apologized to the audience for the incident, explaining he was told his microphone was "dead," and that his words were never intended to be aired. He also explained that to him, "Joe the Plumber" was a fictional character and he meant no harm to anyone.[36] Bouley's comments earned him the title "pinhead," for the second time,[37] from Fox's Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor, Monday, November 3, 2008. KGO issued a news release on the afternoon of November 11, 2008 stating that he had been fired.[38] Bouley stated in November 2008, that he does take responsibility for the incident,[39] and later said, "I am sorry anyone thought I wanted a real person dead, I did not. I am sorry that anyone has to go through any trouble over what I said while making tea in my home studio kitchen with my always live mike.[40] Karel also reiterated that he was told by the inexperienced KGO engineer, who had unprofessionally left the studio to use the restroom, that his microphone was off. The engineer had been told, he says, to make sure the microphone was dead during breaks, because Karel talks to his video chat room during the break, often using language inappropriate for the airwaves.
  • In March 2007, Karel wrote the following for the online The Huffington Post, regarding reports that White House spokesman Tony Snow had developed colon cancer: "I hear about Tony Snow and say to myself, well, stand up every day, lie to the American people at the behest of your dictator-esque boss and well, how could a cancer not grow in you? ... I know, it's horrible. I admit it. I don't wish anyone harm, even Tony Snow. And I do hope he recovers ... and surrounds himself with friends and family for his journey. But in the back of my head there's Justin Timberlake's "What goes around, goes around, comes around, comes all the way back around, ya ..." [41][42] When controversy immediately ensued, Bouley replaced the draft and the inflammatory statements were removed with a notation[43] that it had been edited from the original version.[44][45] The original post, however, got wide airplay on television and the internet, and was widely circulated in print, compelling Huffington Post editor Roy Sekoff to speak out about the issue on The O'Reilly Factor shortly after the row.[46]
  • In June 2004, Karel opened his weekend KGO program with a clip of The Wizard of Oz song, "Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead!" as a "tribute" to former President Ronald Reagan, who had died earlier that day. He went on to rant about Reagan during the first two hours of his show because of what he saw as the inaction of Reagan and his administration in the face of the developing AIDS crisis, propagating the perception it was a "gay disease."[47] The Monday following Reagan's death, Bouley was severely criticized by listeners in addition to being strongly reprimanded by KGO management. He later apologized on the air, not for what he said, but for choosing to air his comments the same day as the former president's death.[47] He later included an open letter of apology to Nancy Reagan in his book You Can't Say That. Bouley later added:
"I was in fact disrespectful that day and there's plenty of time for that later. A generation of young gay Americans died on Reagan's watch, and it was OK because basically they deserved it for living the 'lifestyle'. Say something against the person that is partially responsible for those attitudes before he's put in the ground, and that's classless. Let the gay man inside of me out in his righteous indignation, and he gets slapped under the guise of propriety. Next time I will let the dust settle. But when it settles ...[48]

Current career

For the last three years, Bouley has been forced to recreate himself, returning to stand-up comedy and re-entering radio in a market where no one would hire him.[49] Billed as Karel Stands Up! he is regularly seen performing his uncensored stand-up comedy to sold out audiences in the Rrazz Room at the Hotel Nikko. [50] He has also appeared with Bruce Vilanch at Cobb's Comedy Club, both in San Francisco.[51] He has performed at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles and at The Laugh Factory in Long Beach, California. Twice in 2011 he performed his stand-up in Monterey.[52]

In March 2009, Bouley was employed by San Francisco's KNGY[53] as well as by KRXA in Monterey, California,[54] his only remuneration coming from ad revenue and unemployment benefits. Shortly thereafter, he was hired by San Francisco's Green 960, which became his home station. Working from his home studio, he had been his own producer, engineer and ad salesman for over two years.[49] In January 2010, Bouley was hired by KKGN, San Francisco;[55] and by KYNS, San Luis Obispo.[56] KJRB, in Spokane, Washington has added Bouley's show to their lineup.[57] as has KGOE in Eureka, California,[58] Green 1640 in Decatur and Atlanta, Georgia, [59] KJFK Reno, WXMR in Vermont and WVNJ in New Jersey, and some areas of New York.[60] Karel is now billed as the "Nation's first openly gay liberal talk show host."[61] "The Karel Show" went into syndication in December 2010, after Bouley negotiated a satellite hook-up with Genesis Communication Network.[49] In November 2011, Karel added an FM station, KNWZ 94.3, to his lineup on Sundays, 5PM to 7PM.[62]

Return to KGO

"They say home is where the heart is and I definitely left my heart at the KGO studios. It's my radio home, my flagship," Karel states. Jack Swanson, KGO's operations director, has been supportive of Bouley returning to the station for some time.[63] The"Karel Show' will continue in syndication five days a week at all the stations. The "Karel Show" on KGO began again in March 2011.[63]

Personal life

Bouley is currently single and resides near the beach in Southern California, with his and Andrew's niece, Heather McGrath and two dogs and a cat.[64]


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