List of Nigeriens

List of Nigeriens

This is a list of famous or important people from Niger:His highness Elhadji Ibrahim Oumarou Sultan of the Aïr ( Agades)His highness Balla Marafa the EMIR of the Gobir province, MaradiKaoecen and Tagama fought against French colonial rule in the Agades region

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Cinema artists

Yazi Dogo

Musicians and Singers

Leaders and politicians


* Malam Yaro, a wealthy Hausa merchant in Zinder at the time of the arrival of the first French mission led by Lamy in 1899 and in the following decades. At that time Zinder was known as Damagaram - it was a Hausa city-state nearly equal in power to the Hausa states to the south in Nigeria.Amadou Kouran Daga, sultan of damagaramMALI BERO, famous chief of ZarmaIssa Korombé, famous chief of ZarmaIdriss Alaoma, famous leader of Kanem Bornou,Kaocen and Tagama, fought against french colonial rule,Sultan Younous, first sultan of the Aïr ( Agades)


*Abba Moussa Issoufou, current President of the Constitutional Court
*Hama Amadou, former Prime Minister
*Djibo Bakary, colonial premier and Sawaba party leader
*Hamani Diori, first President
*Mahamadou Issoufou, present Leader of the Opposition,former prime minister
*Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara, President, 1996-99
*Tandja Mamadou, current President
*Ibrahim Hassane Mayaki, former prime minister
*Mamane Oumarou, Prime Minister, 1983 & 1989
*Mahamane Ousmane, President, 1993-96
*Ali Saibou, President, 1987-93
*André Salifou, professor and opposition leader
*Ilguilas Weila, human rights activist
*Seyni Oumarou, present prime minister
*Tahirou Abdou, First Adviser to the Presidency
*Ousmane Issoufou Oubandawaki, former Minister of National Defence, former Minister of Transports, former Director General of ASECNA


His Highness Sultan Elhadji Ibrahim Oumarou, Sultan of the Aïr,His Highness Balla Marafa, Emir of the Gobir.Zarmakoye Mai Danda Emir of the Zarma region

Not served or opposition

* Rhissa Ag Boula

Military Leaders

*Seyni Kountché, military officer,president 1974-1987
*Général Ali Saïbou, military officer,president 1987-1992
*Daouda Malam Wanké, military officer,president 1999-2000

Religious figures

*Rev. Kimso Boureima, President, Alliance of Missions and Evangelical Churches in Niger (Alliance de Missions et Églises Évangéliques du Niger-AMEEN)
*Rev. Harouna Labo, President of the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger (Église Évangélique de la République du Niger--EERN)
*Abba Moussa (1900?-1974), likely first convert to Christianity in Niger, at Zinder, 1931(?)

cholars, Scientists and Academics

Explorers and Travellers


* Abba Moussa Souleyman, designer of the Académie des Arts Martiaux [] (Martial Arts Academy) for the 2005 Francophonie


*Hamey Amadou


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