Brian Rohrbough

Brian Rohrbough (c. 1961) is the 2008 vice presidential candidate of America's Independent Party, running on the ticket with presidential candidate Alan Keyes.


Early life

Rohrbough was raised in Colby, Kansas.


Rohrbough is a small business owner in Colorado. His son, Daniel, was murdered in the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, profoundly affecting his life. He led efforts to get to the bottom of why the shootings happened, ultimately concluding that America's culture of death was the root cause. Since then he has become involved in the pro-life movement.

Today he is the president of American Right to Life, an organization that is dedicated to ending abortion, a position in which he serves without compensation. He has appeared on numerous local and national television programs across the country.

2008 vice presidential campaign

In August 2008, America's Independent Party nominated Rohrbough to its first-ever presidential ticket. He is the running mate of Alan Keyes, a diplomat from Maryland who unsuccessfully sought the nominations of the Republican Party and Constitution Party before creating a new third party to run on. Like Keyes, Rohrbough is heavily conservative and believes strongly that ending abortion is of the most importance.

The AIP is on the ballot in only three states: California, Florida, and Colorado.

Marriage and children

Rohrbough has been married twice: first to the current Susan Petrone, divorcing in 1990, and then to Lisa, to whom he is currently married.


External links

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