Vajiravudh College

An all-boys Thai boarding school, Vajiravudh College was established by Phra Mongkut Klao Chaoyuhua - King Rama VI who is also known as King Vajiravudh. The school was originally named the "Royal Pages College" (in Thai:Ma-had-lek-luang). Normally boys enter the school at Prathom 4 (Grade 4) and stay on until they finish high school - Mathayom 6 (Grade 12).


The school is located at Dusit, Bangkok, Thailand.

Royal Policy

The royal policy of His Majesty King Rama VI, the founder, was"What I want from the students is not to create all the students to have the same standard as a model student. What I want is to create young men who have pure heart and pure body who willing to work hard for upcoming future no matter what. I don't want young men who passed all the exams with high scores and become honor students. I don't want them to be walking textbooks. What I want is them to be young men whose personalities are honest, loyal, have pure pattern and pure mind and I won't feel any grieve if you tell me that a student can't read or write, can't calculate and has no knowledge of mathematic at all. Only if I know that he was in my school and could compare the differences between a gentlemen and a feminine. I don't want a genius complaining "Many knowledges, but can't survive"(Thai idiom). At this school I want the meaning of studying is to change young men to good citizens and won't let all the knowledges crush their personalities. And I want the education to be enjoyful for the students, so in their futures they would think back that they had fun when they were in this school. I don't want my school to be compared to other schools which have difference purposes. If I had wanted a normal school, i would have built a day school, not a boarding one."


Phra Mongkut Klao Chaoyuhua King Rama VI was kind enough to establish Vajiravudh College in the 29th of December 1910 for this school to become an institution giving out Thai citizens education, also as reign monastery. Normally, a Thai King would build a temple as his reign monastery, but because of there were already lots of temple at that time, Phra Mongkut Klao Chaoyuhua King Rama VI built a school instead. His Majesty established a school named Royal Pages College, which copied the system of Public School in England.

In establishing, His Majesty donated his wealth to build a temporarily wooden study building on his land at Suan Krajung near Prameprachakorn Canal at Suan Dusit district. Then moved in the Royal Pages's students which were temporilary locate near Brahman ceremony hall in Royal Palace at 11th of June 1911. Then later in 1915 His Majesty doanted his wealth to build a permanent Royal Pages's study building, which were composed of an assembly hall and four houses at the four corners of the school. Then His Majesty setted the first stone at 20th of December 1915 , then in 1916 Ratchavittayaluy from Ministry of Justice was moved onto his caring. His Majesty also established Chiangmai Royal Pages College at Chiangmai in 1917.

The expanding of this school was stopped by the heavenly rest of Phra Mongkut Klao Chaoyuhua King Rama VI on 25th of November 1925. In the next reign Siam (the name of Thailand at that time) was having economic problems, caused Phra Pokklao Chaoyuhua Rama VII to cut His Majesty's expenses. To keep the country's money in balance, His Majesty decided to close Chiangmai Royal Pages College and King's College(in Thai Ra-ja-vi-ta-ya-lai) and merge them all together with Royal Pages College in Bangkok in 1926. Then His Majesty gave the school a new name, Vajiravudh College, in the honor of Phra Mongkut Klao Chaoyuhua King Rama VI or King Vajiravudh.

Boarding Life


All Vajiravudh students are required to do some kinds of sports every day from 4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. according to the schedule. In each semester there are competitionts between houses.

First semester, Rainy season (Visakha), there are badminton and rugby competitions.

Second semester, Winter Season (Pavarana), there are basketball, football and swimming competitions.

Third semester, Summer season (Makha), there are tennis, athletics, fives and squash competitions.

The school's main sport is rugby, which it is dominant in Thai's under-15, under-17 and under-19 rugby tournaments for years. The reason that rugby becomes school's main sport is that Phra Mongkut Klao Chaoyuhua King Rama VI thought that rugby would teach men sportsmanship, would teach them how to be a gentlemen as rugby is described from the English as "Sport played in heaven". A traditional friendly fixture against Malay College Kuala Kangsar of Malaysia is held annually since 1960.

chool traditions


Each time school hosts a traditional ceremony or going to a ceremony all students will have to dress the uniform given by King Vajiravudh. The purpose of King Vajiravudh for having the uniform is the students to dress

1. White overcoat suit with covers for two upper pockets and two lower pockets on each sides. With five of silver Phra Mongut buttons.

2. Dark blue velvet shirt collar with a one centimetre wide silver stripe.

3. Dark blue shorts cover half of the knees.

4. Dark blue triangle cap with two silver buttons.

5. Long black socks reach the knees, with black leather shoes.


Each of the school's songs would be sing in important ceremony.

Maha Vajiravudh Rajsadudee "Praise the Great Vajiravudh" written by Madam Dusadee Malakul na Ayuthaya, rhythm Chaloke Netre-suit. This song would be sung for praising the greatness of King Vajiravudh the school's founder.

Rao dek nai luang "We Royal Page" is a song written by King Vajiravudh. The words are to remind students the important of being royal page students. The song is sung in old Thai style melody, and played by Thai traditional musical instruments.

Eek see sip pe "Forty Years On" is the song adapted from the song Forty Years On of Harrow School. Changing its words to fit into the school by Madam Dusadee Malakul na Ayuthaya. The song is to remind the old boys and the current students about the life in school days.

Graduates Song Goodbye is an English song words and melody by F.Rico. The song is sung by the graduating students, the song is to think about the student's future life after graduated.

Jan ya nak kee la "Sportsmanship" is the song sung before each of the compettitions between houses. The song is to remind the students of the sportsmanship. The rhythm of the song is in old Thai rhythm.

chool's Headmasters

* 1917 - 1926 Phraya Barombathbamrung (Pin Sriwattana)
* 1926 - 1933 Phrya Prichanusat (Serm Panyarachun)
* 1933 - 1935 Phraya Barombathbamrung (Pin Sriwattana)
* 1935 - 1942 Phra Nichayasarnvithet (Path Montataththuplern)
* 1942 - 1975 Phraya Baratraja (M.L. Dosatith Isarasena)
* 1976 - 1995 Prof. Dr. Gal Isarasena na Ayudthaya
* 1995 - 2007 Prof. Dr. Chaianan Samutvanijja
* 2007- Present Dr. Saroj Leesavan

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