Krishnology (also spelled Krishnaology) is an academic neologism. It is a scholastic vehicle for placing theological discourse concerning the Hindu deity Krishna, within the context of Vaishnava "Krishnaism". As a term, Krishnology differentiates itself from other Vaishnava theologies by centering its discourse on the Krishna in his original form and distinguishes itself from other Vaishnava theologies centered on Vishnu avatara other than Krishna.

History of scholarship

In 1952 Ragual Samuel Rahator published "Christology and Krishnology, a Critical Study," through Northwestern University. [ [ Christology and Krishnology, a Critical Study] Northwestern University]

Guy Beck, a well published scholar on Hinduism, and on Krishna in particular, has published on the Krishnology of the Vaishnava sect known as the Radha-vallabha Sampradaya. Dr. Beck expounds upon this research in his book "Alternative Krishnas: Regional and Vernacular Variations on a Hindu Deity". Through this research he establishes the Krishnology of the Radhavallabha sampradaya. [ [ Alternative Krishnas: Regional And Vernacular Variations On A Hindu Deity] SUNY Press]

Tamala Krishna Gosvami (1946-2002), a Hindu studies scholar and Vaishnava guru, elaborated on this term during his research at the University of Cambridge. While a doctoral student, Tamala Krishna Gosvami studied under Dr. Julius J. Lipner and devoted his time to researching the 'Krishnology' of ISKCON's founder. [ [ Julius Lipner’s Obituary: Tamal Krishna Goswami] ICJ]

Academic institutions

Within the academic study of Hinduism, Krishnology has been engaged by academic institutions such as the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and Bhaktivedanta College. [ [ Bhaktivedanta College] College Website]

List of scholars

* Ravindra Svarupa Dasa
* Rupa Goswami
* Sanatana Goswami
* Satsvarupa dasa Goswami
* Tamala Krishna Goswami
* Hridayananda dasa Goswami
* Graham Schweig
* Bhakti Tirtha Swami
* Kenneth R. Valpey

Additional readings

* [ "ISKCON from the Perspective of Diacritical Theology" by Edmund Weber]
* [ "For Whom Does Hinduism Speak" by Hrdayananda Dasa Goswami]
* [ "Reform in Tradition: Bhaktivinoda's Apologetic for the Bhagavata-Purana" by Krsna Ksetra Dasa]
* [ "The Sampradaya of Sri Caitanya" by Steven Rosen and William Deadwyler III]
* [ "Obituary: Tamal Krishna Goswami" by Dr. Julius J. Lipner]
* [ Books by Tamala Krishna Gosvami]
*cite book
author = Ganguli, K.M.
year = 1896
title = Bhagavad-Gita ( [ XXV] - [ XLII] ). [ The Mahabharata] , Book 6
publisher = Calcutta: Bharata Press
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* cite book
author = Prabhupada, A.C.
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ee also

* Christology
* Theology


External links

* cite web
title=Scholars with Expertise on the Hare Krishna Movement
publisher=ISKCON Communications

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