Flag of North Korea

Flag of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Name 람홍색공화국기(발)

Hanja: 藍紅色共和國旗(발)
MR: ramhongsaek konghwagukki([t?]pal)
RR: ramhongsaek gonghwagukgi([t?]bal)

Hanja: 紅藍
MR: hongramogakpyŏlgi
RR: hongramogakbyeolgi

Hanja: 人共旗
MR: in'gonggi
RR: in-gonggi

Use National flag and ensign National flag and ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 8 September 1948

The flag of North Korea was adopted on September 8, 1948,[1] as the national flag and ensign. The red star of Communism can be seen on this flag on a white disc. The flag was adopted in 1948, when Northern portion of Korea became a Communist state. The traditional Korean flag was red, white, and blue. The country retained these colors (with more prominence given to the red) and added a red star on a white disk. The disk recalls the taegeuk found on the flag of South Korea, and represents the opposing principles of nature. The red stripe expresses revolutionary traditions; the red star is for Communism. The two blue stripes stand for sovereignty, peace and friendship. The white stripes symbolize purity.

A 600-lb (270 kg) North Korean national flag flies from the world's second largest flagpole, which is located at Kijŏng-dong, on the North Korean side of the Military Demarcation Line within the Korean Demilitarized Zone. The flag-pole is 160m tall.

There are few other known flags in use. There is a flag for the Korean People's Army, as well as its two subdivisions the Korean People’s Air Force and Korean People's Navy, which follow a common design but with different colors (blue and white for the Navy and dark blue and light blue for the Air Force). There is also a flag of the ruling Worker's Party of Korea, modeled after similar communist party flags, and a flag for the Supreme Commander of the KPA used by Kim Jong-il, and has the Supreme Commander's Arms on a red field.



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