Frederik V Schenck van Toutenburg

Frederik Schenck van Toutenburg (Vollenhove, ca. 1503 - Utrecht, 25 August 1580) was the first archbishop of Utrecht (previously only a bishopric).

The son of Georg Schenck van Toutenburg, he graduated in law at the Reichskammergericht in Speyer. After being made a priest, he became archdeacon of the Pieterskerk in Utrecht and priest at the Sint-Plechelmusbasiliek in Oldenzaal. He spent his time writing tracts on church law until he was promoted to the Dutch episocpate in 1559 by Philip II, who named him as the first archbishop of Utrecht (which was then confirmed in 1561 by Pope Pius IV).

His archbishopric saw the Catholic reaction against the Reformation in the northern Netherlands. Governor Margaret of Parma forced him to lead support for the decrees of the Council of Trent and led him to call a provincial synod in 1565. The clergy and canons were fiercely opposed to the new disciplinary measures and tried to frustrate their introduction, but Schenck van Toutenburg used his power to break the opposition and to give leadership in the fight against the Protestantism. Straight after his death holding Catholic services was banned in Utrecht and the Domkerk closed, though Roman Catholics still got permission to bury their dead (including their late archbishop) in the cathedral. His funeral ceremony on 30 August 1580 was the last Catholic service in Utrecht for a long while and was disturbed by Protestants, who sang their version of psalm 130 against the Catholic version ("De Profundiis").



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