Order (mathematics)


Order in mathematics may refer to:

In algebra

In arithmetic

In analysis

In combinatorics

In statistics

In fractals

In geometry

In graphs

Order theory

  • Order theory, which studies various binary relations known as orders
  • Order (journal), an academic journal on order theory
  • Partial order, often called just "order" in order theory texts; a transitive antisymmetric relation
  • Total order, a partial order that is also total, in that either the relation or its inverse holds between any unequal elements
  • Dense order, a total order where between any unequal pair of elements there is always an intervening element in the order
  • Order topology, a topology of total order for totally ordered sets
  • Ordinal numbers, which are assigned to sets based on their set-theoretic order
  • Glossary of order theory
  • List of order theory topics

In other mathematical theories

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