Sivert Christensen Strøm

Sivert Christensen Strøm (1819 - 13 November 1902) was a Norwegian jurist and politician.

He was born in 1819 to a sea captain Strøm. He graduated as cand.jur. in 1845. He first worked as attorney, and was then promoted to district stipendiary magistrate ("sorenskriver") in Nordre Østerdalen in 1859. [ "Personalhistorie for Trondhjems by og omegn i et tidsrum af circa 1 1/2 aarhundrede"] , by Chr. Thaulow. Hosted by Trondheim public library. no icon] He became involved in politics, and was elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 1859, 1862 and 1865, representing the constituency of "Hedemarkens Amt". During the last term he was also mayor of his local municipality. [ Sivert Christensen Strøm] — Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) ]

In 1867 he succeeded Michael Aubert as burgomaster of Trondhjem.b] While serving in Trondhjem he was elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 1871 and 1877.b] He was also a director in the Bank of Norway in 1871.c]

Strøm married twice, and had several children.d]


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