Trident (disambiguation)

A Trident is a three-pronged staff.

Trident may also refer to:


*Trident missile, a submarine-launched ballistic missile used by the United States and United Kingdom
*UK Trident programme, Britain's Trident missile weapons program
*Ohio class submarine, a United States submarine often called a Trident submarine when armed with Trident missiles
*Operation Trident (Indo-Pakistani War), the codename assigned to the first of the Indian Navy's two attacks on Karachi Harbour during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971


*Trident (layout engine), the codename of the rendering engine in the Microsoft Windows version of Internet Explorer in version 4 onwards.
*Trident Microsystems, a former graphics chip manufacturer


*Trident Comics, a former publisher of British comic books
*"Trident" (comic), an anthology comic book title
*Trident (DC Comics), a DC Comics character
*Trident Corporation, a fictional corporation in the manga "Spriggan"


*Peel Trident, a British microcar made by the Peel Engineering Company
*Trident (car company), a British sports car manufacturer
*Dennis Trident 2, a 2-axle bus model manufactured by Dennis Specialist Vehicles
*Dennis Trident 3, a 3-axle bus model manufactured by Dennis Specialist Vehicles


*Hawker Siddeley Trident, a British jet airliner
*Trident gum, a sugarless chewing gum manufactured by Cadbury Adams LLC
*Trident (company), a company in the UK that deals mainly with work experience regulation
*Operation Trident, a unit of the London Metropolitan Police which investigates gun crime in London's black community
*Trident curve, an algebraic curve
*Trident Corporation, a fictional corporation in the Spriggan manga series
*Trident Technical College, part of the South Carolina Technical College System located in Charleston, South Carolina
*The Trident a mountain in South Georgia

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