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Samuel Hartt Pook (1827 – 1901) was a Boston-based American naval architect of clipper ships, including the clippers Surprise, Witchcraft, Herald of the Morning and Northern Light, all of which made passages, prior to 1861 from an American East Coast port to San Francisco, via Cape Horn in fewer than 100 days, a speedy passage for the period. Pook also designed Red Jacket, a holder of the speed record for the New York-Liverpool and Liverpool-Melbourne passages. Pook was less successful in his design for the Civil War-era ironclad Galena, which was found, in combat conditions, to suffer from ineffective armoring.

Pook's father was the naval architect Samuel Moore Pook, who designed the far more successful City-class Ironclads of the same period.


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* [ The Maritime History of Massachusetts, 1783-1860]

* [ The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans]

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