Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA)

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA)

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is the national voice of Australians personally affected by breast cancer. Represented by the pink lady silhouette, this organisation produces information for women with the disease and their loved ones. It is driven by women who have themselves experienced breast cancer and was launched in October, 1998. [See 'The Big Three' in Links]

BCNA initiatives to support women & their families include:

*"My Journey Kit" - a free comprehensive information kit for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Since 1998 BCNA has distributed over 30,000 My Journey Kits.
*"My Care Kit" - For women who have breast surgery as a result of breast cancer
*"Hope & Hurdles" - A kit for women with secondary (metastatic, advanced) breast cancer.

Key fundraising intiatives include the Field of Women, Pink Buns (Bakers Delight) Field of Women LIVE and Mini Fields of Women. BCNA relies on the support of individuals and corporations and is not affiliated with any government body.


*Patricia Edgar, AM (Chair)
*Terri Bracks (Deputy Chair)
*Raelene Boyle, AM MBE
*Andrew Barling
*Fran Boyle, AM
*Ron Dewhurst
*Karen Hayes
*Susie Howie
*Andrea Hull, AO
*Marg O'Donnell
*Jocelyn Newman, AO
*Grabrielle Trainor

"CEO:" Lyn Swinburne, AM (also founder)


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* [ National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre]
* [ The Big Three - who's who in breast cancer?]

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